REVIEW: Sea Berry Therapy Sea Buckthorn Body Care

by - August 21, 2018

Good morning! Today I have for guys a brief review of a couple of the body products from the newly rebranded Sea Berry Therapy, formerly SIBU! I did actually review some SIBU products a couple of years ago and I really enjoyed them quite a bit, so I was really interested to try out some more products once they were rebranded here in Canada.

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The rebrand to Sea Berry Therapy really highlights the fact that each of their products does contain, well, sea berry. What's sea berry, you ask? Sea Buckthorn Berry is a bit of a powerhouse ingredient that contains antioxidants and fatty acids that are really fantastic for skin. Though there hasn't been a ton of research into sea buckthorn used topically, there's some pretty solid early evidence to support its ability to hydrate, protect skin from wrinkles, and promote collagen production. If you've never looked into sea buckthorn, I highly recommend it, it's really used for quite a number of different things!

Sea Berry Therapy Moisturizing Body Cream*
Though this is called a cream, for me this is definitely more of a lotion type texture. It's quite lightweight and sinks quickly into the skin, but there's an immediate softness to the skin once it sinks in that I found really surprising. Because it does absorb so quickly and doesn't leave behind any sticky or greasy residue on the skin, this is a phenomenal option for daytime since you can just put it on and go. My favorite thing about this lotion though? It smells straight up like an orange creamsicle - and I LOVE it. I definitely think that as the weather gets colder and my skin gets drier, this is going to be the lotion I reach for in the mornings before I get dressed to help combat my dry skin.

Sea Berry Therapy Cleansing Face & Body Bar*
Admittedly, I don't reach for bar cleansers very often, but I was eager to try this one out. For the most part while testing this I used it as a body cleanser, but I did try a couple of times on my face and it worked well. Used directly on the body, this does have a gentle exfoliation that wasn't scratchy or abrasive. It rinsed well from the skin and didn't leave behind any dryness or residue. When used on the face, it was gentle and didn't leave me feeling stripped or dry - something I avoid like the plague - and my skin felt clean and fresh. That being said, I've heard amazing things about this bar from people who struggle with acne and I definitely think it's worth looking into if you're looking for something to help clear up your skin without stripping it. I don't personally have that issue, so I don't speak from experience, but I thought it was worth mentioning since I've heard so many great reviews on it from people who are dealing with, as the packaging puts it, Problematic Skin.

Overall, I think both of these products are really good quality. For me, I'm definitely going to continue reaching for the Moisturizing Body Cream*, particularly as the weather gets cold and my skin gets more and more pesky. Obviously, the Cleansing Face & Body Bar* isn't really to my personal taste or needs, but I do think that it's something that I will personally recommend to people in my life who do have skin issues that could really benefit from it.

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