REVIEW: BeautyBigBang03 Small Halloween Stamping Plate

by - September 07, 2018

Yep - it's another Halloween nail art post already, but I feel like now is the time to really start getting Halloween nail art supplies in order. Last week, I posted my review of the BeautyBigBang BBB04 Small Halloween Stamping Plate and today I've got another small plate packed with Halloween images to share with you guys from the brand. So let's talk about the BeautyBigBang BBB03 Small Halloween Stamping Plate*, shall we?

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The reason that I chose this particular plate is pretty simple - I really thought I could get a lot of use out of it. I love the Jack-O-Lantern images - always a simple and fun mani for the Halloween season - and I also really liked the rest of the images as well. I feel like this plate is really a versatile plate for being so small and can easily put together several different mani's. For me, that's what I always try to look for in a plate because I never want to buy a plate for one image. Trust me, it never works out.

BeautyBigBang03 contains 8 small images and 3 large images, all of which are firmly in the Halloween theme. I think it was really those smaller images that sold me on this plate since I loved the idea of mixing and matching them and using them to supplement other mani's, but I also really loved the negative space ghost face image and the skull and cross bones image.

Like with BBB04, it was initially a little difficult for me to get a perfectly smooth pickup with these images and I did have to play with the amount of polish I was using and the perfect pressure and angle to swipe at, but I think the swatches turned out pretty damn good even though I hadn't had the chance to play with it so much when I did them. I really, really love the diversity of this plate and I have a lot of ideas already on how I'm going to utilize it next month when I go absolutely ham with Halloween nail art!

For this mani, I really wanted to highlight the different Jack-O-Lantern faces on this plate because I really felt like it highlights the things you can do with this plate. It's not just for a hand full of classic Jack-O-Lanterns. I went with pastels because I really wanted it to be extra cute and started with orange, purple, green and beige nails. For each nail, I chose the face that fit the character best and added smaller details by hand and I think they turned out really cute and fun. As you can see, adding the detail really highlights how well each of these faces work for the different monsters. For the mummy nail, I added some light brown stamping to the beige base to really highlight that it's wrapped. 

Overall, while this really isn't my favorite of the plates I've tried from BeautyBigBang, I think it's a really solid plate and that I'll be able to get a lot of great nail art from it. I already have some plans in mind for the small ghost image and the skull and cross bones image - so stay tuned to my nail art specific Instagram @pblnails for tons of Halloween nail art over the month of October!

If you're interested in picking up anything from BeautyBigBang, they've given me a code to share with my readers for 10% off your purchase. Just use the code TRYSH10 at checkout. This is NOT an affiliate code, so I don't make any money from it.

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