HOLIDAY: Live Clean Holiday Hand Soaps Collection

by - November 13, 2018

I get really, really excited about the holidays - and this year, I've been getting excited early. I've basically been drinking egg nog lattes for a month already and have been devising ways to get Christmas decorations up as early as possible. And as soon as I saw the Live Clean Holiday Hand Soap Collection on the shelf at my local Walmart, I shifted directly into holiday hand soap mode - especially since there's a new offering in the collection this year!

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Live Clean Hand Soaps are my absolute favorite and I pretty much use them exclusively these days. They have phenomenal scents and I love the formula, which always leaves my hand clean but never makes them feel dry or stripped. Though I do genuinely love the scents in their regular collection, for years now it's been the holiday collection soaps that really get my heart. Last year, these soaps got a packaging makeover - which I this looks really great and helps to differentiate the scents, and this year they added the brand spankin' Gingerbread Latte to their collection!

Live Clean Holly Berry Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap*
Personally, I'm not a huge fan of berry scents, so I actually always pass this one along to my mom, who absolutely loves them. If you're a fan of crisp cranberry scents at the holidays, I think this one will be right up your alley, and it doesn't hurt that the red and green packaging is super duper holiday centered!

Live Clean Vanilla Peppermint Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap*
My love for the Vanilla Peppermint scent in this line is the stuff of legend - and it hasn't been the least bit strange to see this in my bathroom in the middle of July because I tend to stock up on this scent at the holidays and I just absolutely love it. The freshness of the peppermint combined with the sweetness of the vanilla is just gorgeous and creamy and great. I am basically doing heart eyes as I write this and I couldn't recommend this soap more. In fact, I think I've literally turned everyone I know onto this soap as well!

NEW! Live Clean Gingerbread Latte Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap*
Initially, I figured there was no way that this scent could come close to my beloved Vanilla Peppermint, especially because I tend not to love gingerbread scents, but I have absolutely been blown away by this. While I did get this in PR, I actually picked it up at the store before I even got my package and have also bought another two bottles. It's that good. The gingerbread scent is warm and comforting, but there's also a sweetness that makes it just absolutely dreamy to me! I seriously, seriously recommend giving this a sniff if you're a fan of warm scents!

Honestly, you guys, I can't recommend these enough and I suspect that over the next year these are all I'll be using personally - the Vanilla Peppermint and Gingerbread Latte scents seriously just blow me away and are more than worth picking up backups to last me until next year. I know some people have been having trouble finding these in stores, but I've seen big displays of them at Walmart and I'm pretty sure I've also seen them at my local Superstore, so if you're looking them I'd check out those two places first! 

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