MANI MONDAY: Rememberance Day Nails

by - November 12, 2018

Hey guys! In honour of Rememberance Day, which I think we sometimes forget the importance of as we're wrapped in the business of just living life, me and the girls from the #CBBxManiMonday crew, decided to put together some Rememberance Day themed nail art. I know I'm a day late since the actual day was yesterday, but I still think it matters.

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There were really only a couple of options for this Rememberance Day nail art and I decided to go with the most obvious - poppies! For my first and pinkie nails, I actually used BornPrettyStore red stamping polish because it was the most poppy red I could find in my collection and topped them with a coat of Seche Vive Top Coat. For my two middle nails, I started with a base of NAILSINC Rocket Fuel because I wanted a silvery base (and because I was kind of dying to use that polish, if I'm honest.) 

For the poppies, I used an image from the BornPrettyStore BP-L046 stamping plate and filled it in with the same poppy red stamping polish to reverse stamp it onto the nails. I wanted the ring finger to be more simple than the middle - as tends to be my taste - so I chose one of the flowers from the image and removed the rest of the image with a lint roller. That's an easy way to only stamp a small section of a larger image - if you have parts that aren't connected. I used a coat of Yellow Stopper to get the base tacky and let it dry for about a minute before transferring the images. Finally, I finished with a thick coat of Seche Vive because reverse stamped nails can have a little bit of bumpiness where the polish is thicker.

I'm pretty happy with how these turned out - I think they're simple enough to be respectful and really put the symbolic poppies on show. Also, this is a really simple mani that I think has a lot more impact than you might think based on the effort.

Be sure to head over to See The World In PINK, Tea & Nail Polish and Cosmetic Proof to check out their Rememberance Day nail art - #CBBRemembers!

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