REVIEW: Colorpop Good Sport Pressed Powder Palette

by - December 20, 2018

I feel like, after nearly five years of blogging and a heck of a lot longer being a member of the online beauty community as a reader/viewer/follower, I've started to be able to see trends coming. I think it's pretty much impossible to not notice the patterns and the peaks and valleys that inevitably happen in this community. One thing that is really starting to bum me out, particularly with eyeshadow palettes, is the tendency for most companies to follow leader so that everything feels like more of the same. This is honestly one of the biggest reasons that I have so much respect for Colourpop. Rather than following leader, I feel like they've been making their own way ever since the brand's inception, and that's what has made them so successful. The reason I bring all of this up is because that's what really sticks out to me most about the Colourpop Good Sport Pressed Powder Palette, which I'm super excited to review for you guys!

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We made your Fall transition easy. This 12 pan palette is the perfect mix of smoky neutrals and rich jewel tones that will take you into the new season effortlessly. Create your entire look with one palette with the help of matte and metallic finishes.

I feel like the Good Sport palette didn't get as much attention as it should have and I really feel like that's likely because it's a little bit ahead of the game. 2017 was all about the fiery burnt orange type of shades, 2018 has really felt like it has been about bold reds with a little bit of leaning towards sunset type eye looks, and I feel like in 2019 we're going to move more towards mustard yellows and olive greens paired with rich plums, and that's really what this palette is bringing to the table. Though it definitely lives in those sort of fall tones, as it was intended, I know that this is the type of palette that I will be reaching for a lot in coming months.

When it comes to the curation of this palette, I feel like it was really well done. It has those anchoring neutrals that can help to ground a bolder look, but what really stands out to me are definitely the really vivid pops. I'm not much of an all bright palette kind of a girl generally, so I really appreciate that this palette balances those neutrals with the bolder shades. I also appreciate that the neutrals are really thoughtfully included in this palette in a way that will enhance those bold shades and make them easier to reach for. 

Another thing that I really like about Colourpop palettes is that I feel like the way they lay out the shades in a way that can feel sort of random can ultimately lead to more creative ways of using the palette. This could just be me, but I feel like the traditional ways of laying out palettes from lightest to darkest or with specific looks in mind can make everything end up being a little bit more cookie cutter, but laying them out in this way makes you have to think about the shades and how to best pair them together which can ultimately lead to more creative looks. 

Wild Out | warm metallic champagne
I would have called this a peachy champagne actually, because in real life it does have a strong peachy undertone. The texture is really smooth and it applies well. My favorite thing is really the reflect because this has a lot of shine to it when it catches the light. 
Hooky | matte rich terracotta
The description of this shade is really bang on. It does end up swatching much deeper than in the pan. The formula is really smooth and creamy with good pigmentation. I've found that it builds and blends quite well through the crease and outer corner. 
Rookie | burnt orange with blue glitter
This is a very unique shade and I can't entirely figure out what their plan was with the glitter, but I also don't find it really shows up when applied with a brush. It has a smooth texture and applies really well, though I would be careful not to blend it away.
Sista | matte vibrant violet
This shade feels much brighter in person than in photos. The formula is a little dry - which I assume is owing to the eternally difficult purple pigments - but it's also creamy at the same time. It applies and blends quite well, but I would suggest building it rather than going in super heavy from the start.

Licious | metallic yellow gold
This is another shade I couldn't quite capture in the swatches, it's much more bold yellow in person. The formula of this one is quite soft, so it does crumble a little bit and though it does have good colour payoff, I find that it does travel.
High Hopes | matte peachy saddle brown
This shade is a classic and works beautifully in the context of this palette. It's super densely pigmented as has quite a creamy texture, but it blends really seamlessly. I would say that this is basically a dream version of this shade.
Reckless | matte rich maroon
To the touch, this shade is quite dry and a little bit gritty, which I think is owing to the red pigments in it, but it's super pigmented and I haven't had any issues getting it to blend or stick to the eye. Not my favorite shade in this palette, but still good.
Trooper | matte marigold
I found that I really had to build this swatch in order to get the shade, because though it's pigmented there's a kind of sheerness to it. It's quite creamy and smooth in texture and does apply really nicely to the eye as a transition, but I would say that this could be a little tricky if you're really wanting to build it up to opacity.

Hooked | metallic icy moss
I feel like the word "icy" is a little bit misleading here, because the sheen in this shade is quite golden. It's a gorgeous shade though, very muted wearable. The texture is very similar to Wild Out in that it's super smooth and catches the light well. 
Trophies | matte blackened olive brown
I feel like this is a shade that I've been waiting for. It's a little bit brown, a little bit green, and a little bit grey and it works really well as a crease shade to ground an eye look while still maintaining that olive tone. The formula is lovely - really smooth, if a teensy bit dry, and blendable. 
EBB | vibrant metallic olive
This is my absolute favorite shade in this palette, hands down. It has a strong golden tone to it, but is distinctly green in tone. It's very soft, but it doesn't get crumbly and I didn't experience any traveling while using it, and it applies like a dream. This shade is INCREDIBLE.
Flow | matte dusty purple
The thing I love about this shade is that it's a deep purple that applies purple and doesn't skew into being grey. For being a purple, it's quite soft but is a little bit dryer, but it applies and blends quite well. To get the best depth from this, I do find that I can't have too much shadow already on the lid or I do struggle to get the depth. 

For the first look I did with this palette, I couldn't resist one of my favorite pairings, which is purple and green. It's really what ultimately drew me to this palette. I started by using a fluffy domed brush to first add a teensy bit of High Hopes into my upper crease as a transition. Next, I used the same brush to blend Sista through my crease and outer corner. I started carefully, since this shade is really bold, and built it to a really beautiful purple. Next, I went in with Flow on a fluffy blending brush and packed it into my outer corner and pulled it into the crease to really add depth while maintaining the bold, plum colour. On the lid, I couldn't resist packing on EBB wet for that bold pop of metallic chartreuse. On the lower lash line, I used a bit of Sista and then blended it out with High Hopes for a more subtle definition there. I'm obsessed with this look and had a hard time not doing the exact same look again the next day. 

For this look, I wanted to keep it a little more every day wearable and really highlight the olive shades in the palette. Olive tones are some of my personal favorites on the eyes and I think these ones worked really well. I started with a fluffy domed blending brush and applied High Hopes through my crease as a transition shade. Next, I used a fluffy blending brush to pack Trophies onto my outer corner and then pull that shade inwards through the crease. Next, I packed Hooked wet onto the lid using a flat shader brush. Going back to my fluffy blending brush without any additional product, I blended Trophies and Hooked together for a smooth transition between the two shades. For the lower lash line, I smudge Trophies onto the outer two thirds of my lower lash line and then blended it out with High Hopes, which I also pulled in towards my inner corner. While this look definitley doesn't have the wow factor of the first one, I do still think it's really pretty and super wearable.

For my third look using this palette, I really wanted to do a sunset eye because I feel it's just an absolutely gorgeous look and very much falls into what this palette can do. I started with Trooper through my crease on a fluffy domed blending brush to get a strong transition. Next, I moved into the crease with my fluffy blending brush and went in with a little bit of Hooky to add that strong warm tone there. I also popped a little bit of that into the outer corner to influence the purple shades I would go in with next to come off a little more warm. Next, I blended Sista through the crease and into the outer half of the lid and really tried to build it before adding a little bit of Flow in hopes of adding some depth. I actually think I could have built more depth if I didn't already have so much shadow on the lid because I tend to have issues with that area of my eye if I apply too much product there, it tends to just blend away. For the lid, I started with Rookie on the inner half of the eye and really concentrated it towards the center, leaving the inner part of the lid open for that bright pop of gold with Licious. To find the lid, I packed a little bit more Sista onto the outer half of the lid and did my best to blend it with Rookie for a smooth transition. For the lower lash line, I kept it super simple and just smudged High Hopes on with a tiny blending brush and connected it at the outer corner. 

I have to say, I'm really, really in love with this palette. I never think of myself as being someone who leans towards really bold eye looks, but I've found myself really drawn to creating those with this palette. Like I said above, I really feel like we're going to be moving away from the oranges and reds and into more mustard, olive and plums tones in the coming year and I feel like this will be an amazing palette to have on hand for that. I also really love that this palette has the ability to be really versatile and yet really different from everything else I have in my collection. When it comes to the quality and performance of the shadows, I feel like Colourpop has really managed to maintain a standard that far outreaches their price point and I would put this one alongside mani of my higher end, much more expensive palettes. In short, I highly, highly recommend this palette!

The Colourpop Good Sport Pressed Powder Palette is available online at the Colourpop website and retails for $16USD.

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