12 NAILS OF CHRISTMAS: Green & Gold Plaid Nail Art

by - December 21, 2018

Hey guys! For Day 11 of 12 Nails Of Christmas, I really wanted to get a green heavy mani in here since it's a solidly traditional Christmas colour and I hadn't done one yet, so I decided to just really go for it. I feel like green polish is actually one of my favorites and can look really classy and modern, so I was excited to put this one together and wanted to do something that feels festive, but in a way that isn't right on the nose when it comes to Christmas.

For a closer look and to see how I got this look, keep reading!

I started out this mani with the middle finger. I started with two coats of a white gold metallic polish from TiVoli that I normally use for stamping because I wanted gold that wasn't too gold. Next, I added two coats of OPI's Metamorphically Speaking to add that look of texture and shine to the nail - I seriously love the OPI Metamorphosis polishes for that. To this nail, I added a coat of Essence The Gel Polish Top Coat to maintain the shine.

For the rest of my fingers, I applied two coats of Eclipse Nailwear Enamel in Fresh Green, which has been in my collection for years but hasn't gotten a lot of play because it's so leafy in tone. To add some interest, I decided to add a large dot of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Go For Gold to my first and pinkie fingers to sort of mimick studs there. Over that, I added a coat of Color Club Matte-ified Matte Top Coat, which adds some depth to the shade and gives that velvety finish.

For my accent nail, I really wanted to lean on my go to plaid nail art, but I wanted to switch it up a little. I reached for my much beloved 春の歌 - L010 Stamping Plate, of course. To make that change, I decided to apply the images so that the lines of the plaid were diagonal, which I think gives enough of a different vibe to the look that it feels different from the plaid in my Classic Red And Gold Plaid Nails from earlier in these 12 days. I started, as usual, with BornPrettyStore Black Stamping Polish for the thicker lines and then went in with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Go For Gold for the skinnier lines. I, of course, finished this finger with another coat of matte top coat and voila!

All Products Used
TiVoli White Gold Polish
OPI Nail Lacquer - Metamorphically Speaking
Eclipse Nailwear Enamel - Fresh Green
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Go For Gold
Born Pretty Store - Black Stamping Polish
春の歌 - L010 Stamping Plate
Essence The Gel Polish Top Coat
Color Club Matte-ified Matte Top Coat

I feel really, really good about the mani and everytime I look down at it, I'm really glad that I decided to go with a green look and keep it from being too on the nose with the holiday theme. I feel like you can get really festive nail art without any need for elements that feel too specifically Christmas-y and pairing festive shades with a little bit of glitz is a great way to do that.

I hope you guys have a great weekend and, for those of you who celebrate Christmas, aren't too busy getting ready for the holiday! Check back Monday for my final day of 12 Nails Of Christmas... where I have every intention of keeping it really, really Christmas-y!

Thanks for reading!

Don't forget to head over to Nail Polish Canada to vote for me in their Holiday 2018 Nail Art Contest, where I entered my Contemporary Black, White & Rose Gold Nails! Voting is open until December 31, 2018!

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