REVIEW: KAYALI Eau De Parfum Collection 01

by - January 15, 2019

Fun Fact About Me: I really, really love fragrance samples. It's kind of weird, maybe, but whenever I make a Sephora order I inevitably end up with at least one fragrance sample. I think it's because I genuine love higher end fragrances, but there's no way I'm going to spend the money on one without wearing it at least a few times to see how it plays with my body chemistry. In the past, I've absolutely loved scents in the store, bought them, and brought them home only to find that after a couple of hours of wearing them I absolutely hate them. Anyway, recently I made a Sephora order and one of the promo codes was offering this set of KAYALI perfumes and I decided I just had to try it - and even though this isn't something I'd normally review, I felt like it really had a place here and based on these sizes I really could give a solid review. 

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KAYALI, which translates from Arabic to ‘my imagination’, features a collection of captivating fragrances, handcrafted in France using the most luxurious ingredients. This first collection is designed to be layered and combined to create a scent that is truly yours. Inspired by the rich heritage and simple sophistication of the Middle East, KAYALI reflects limitless possibilities, personalities and desires to celebrate and enhance one’s infinite layers.

Though it isn't entirely obvious, KAYALI is actually a part of Huda Beauty, the brainchild of Huda and Mona Kattan. In Arabic, "KAYALI" means "my imagination", which is really well chosen since these fragrances have all been designed to be layered with one another to create unique signature scents. Though they are planning more collections, so far they've only released Collection 01, which contains these four scents that can work together in various combinations for different scents. I was personally intrigued by that, since layering perfumes isn't something that I've ever done before, and I was really eager to try it out. 

As you can see, the full sized bottles of these fragrances are really beautiful, pairing a sort of classic, ornate look with a modern simplicity for a luxe feel. The bottle may not be the most important thing about a perfume, but for me when it comes to luxury perfumes I'm much more drawn to something that's going to look beautiful and special on my vanity. I feel like these hit that mark very much. 

KAYALI Elixir 11 Eau De Parfum
An ultra-addictive scent, ELIXIR | 11 opens with sweet notes of red apple and rose petal essence, before revealing a floral heart of rose centifolia and uplifting touches of Jasmine sambac from India. Adding depth to the romantic fragrance, warm woody notes of Indonesian patchouli and velvety amber are enveloped by accents of vanilla, leaving behind a long-lasting trail.

Generally, I'm not a fan of floral scents, they're just not my jam, and I personally don't love Elixir when worn on its own. However, this is a really lovely scent if you are someone who likes a rich floral that definitely doesn't feel like an old lady scent. This one has a richness and depth that makes it really, really beautiful. Like I said, I don't love this when worn alone, but when paired with Vanilla, I'm absolutely in love with this. That pairing of the rich floral with the warmth and sweetness of the vanilla is just beautiful and is definitely my favorite pairing in this set.   

KAYALI Citrus 08 Eau De Parfum
A contemporary twist of innovation, CITRUS | 08 subverts olfactory expectations. Sparkling citrus notes of Italian bergamot and pink grapefruit mingle with rhubarb, blackcurrant, and pink pepper. Immaculate floral chords of rose centifolia and rose damascena from bulgaria lie at its heart. A lingering veil of musk, tonka, and mystical oakmoss grounds the hypnotic scent in nature.

Like florals, citrus scents don't really tend to be my personal jam, but there's really no denying to me that this is a well thought out citrus with a sophisticated feel. It's definitely citrus-y, there's no denying that, and it has a bright freshness that makes me feel like this would be a perfect scent for a summer day. When it comes to pairings, I like this paired with Musk and with Vanilla. When paired with Musk, I feel like it finds a really nice balance between depth and brightness that's both unique and beautiful. When paired with Vanilla, I feel like it creates a scent that's both fun and sophisticated - which can be a difficult task. For me, this isn't likely one that I would wear alone, but it really underscores how layering fragrances can really help you find something amazing.   

KAYALI Musk 12 Eau De Parfum
Emanating power and confidence, MUSK | 12 begins with magnificent notes of Lotus Flower, Freesia and Sheer Jasmine. Laced with exquisite Musk, the scent shines a light on one of the world’s most mysterious ingredients. A voluptuous blend of Vanilla and creamy Sandalwood gives this distinguished fragrance an enchanting and tempered soul.

This is described on the Sephora website as a powdery floral and that really couldn't be more accurate, at least at first. With a little bit of time, it mellows down to something a little bit more difficult to describe, something that feels a little bit ethereal. I didn't actually think I would like this, but I really think this is going to be a scent that I'll reach for on its own during the spring, because there's something soft that just makes me think of those months of the year. Like I said above, I really like this paired with Citrus, but it also pairs really beautifully with Vanilla for a completely different scent, and that's definitely my preferred way to wear it.

KAYALI Vanilla 28 Eau De Parfum
Captivate the senses with VANILLA | 28, a masterpiece of refined and cultivated nuance. A time-honored union of creamy jasmine and rich Madagascan vanilla orchid draws out the sweet softness of Brazilian tonka. Beautifully balanced oriental notes of musk, amber, patchouli, and brown sugar form the distinguished wood base of this utterly sublime scent.

As someone who wore A LOT of vanilla body sprays and eau de toilettes in the early 20s, Vanilla scents don't tend to impress me these days, but this one is absolutely stunning and by far my favorite of the four. I feel like vanilla can feel juvenile and cheap, but this one captures a rich luxuriousness that feels sophisticated and expensive while still being distinctly vanilla. It's also the only one is this set that for me pairs really beautifully with all of the others. It adds a sweetness, tempers brightness, and just lifts all three of the other scents to the place where I personally prefer my scents to be. I'm in love with this one and have already used up most of my sample bottle because I like to both wear it alone and pair it with the others. 

Overall, I'm super impressed with the KAYALI Eau De Parfum Collection 01. All four of the scents have a sophistication and complexity that make them feel both really well thought out as well as just beautiful to wear. I love that all four of them have been designed to be layered, making this set a really versatile way to create different fragrances for each day - and also a great way to put together a signature scent if what you're looking for doesn't exist on its own.

At $154CAD ($118USD), buying all four of these really isn't in my budget at the moment, so I hope that at some point they release a rollerball or smaller bottle collection featuring these scents because they really do shine together the most for me even though each one is beautiful on its own. 

KAYALI perfumes are available at Sephora and HudaBeauty.

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