REVIEW: Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop

by - January 30, 2019

Hey guys! I'm super excited for today's review. You guys know I've long been a fan of Korean skin care products and have had really great success with some of them, particularly light weight essences, toners, and serums. I've recently had the opportunity to try out the Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop* and I've been really impressed with it. I was actually unfamiliar with Klairs before trying out this product, but after looking into the brand I'm really impressed with their ethos.

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I just want to take a minute to talk about Klairs, because I really like their approach and philosophy. While I think a lot of other brands try to hype up the unique, new, shiny ingredients in their formulas, Klairs takes the opposite approach by promoting simple formulas that feature proven ingredients. They aren't claiming miracles but instead telling their customers that their formulas, with consistent use, will help to protect and nourish skin without harsh ingredients that can sensitize and irritate skin. They also believe in being environmentally friendly and don't employ animal testing or use colorants, alcohol, parabens, or artificial fragrances in their formulas. Above and beyond all that, they also keep their products at an affordable price point. 

Pretty great, right? 

Designed with naturally effective ingredients that are safe and non-irritating, the Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop energizes and rejuvenates your skin with the power of pure Vitamin C! Containing key ingredients directly from nature and concentrated pure Vitamin C, this innovative multi-solution, non-irritating formula revitalizes, maintains, and transforms your skin! No need to stress over dull skin tone and enlarged pores anymore. Cruelty-free. Vegan Friendly. Ethanol-free. Paraben-free. Silicon-free. Steroid-free. Artificial coloring-free. Artificial fragrance-free. pH 3.5 ± 1.0. 

If I have one issue with this product, it's the packaging. I think it's really pretty - give me all the holographic packaging ever, really - but I wish that they had gone a different route and prioritized protecting the product from exposure to light and air. Because Vitamin C is such a delicate ingredient, it's best to protect it from things that will degrade the ingredient and decrease the efficacy. Personally, my preference when it comes to Vitamin C serums is that they're packaged in an opaque airless pump bottles so that I can get the most out of the product. If you have this product or any other Vitamin C product, and it turns yellow, it's still safe to use but that is evidence of oxidization that can decrease efficacy. 

All of that being said, right on the bottle that this contains Hybrid Stabilizing Technology and that this does contain Stabilized L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and in the month or so that I've been using it I haven't noticed even the slightest change in the colour of my product. It's still as clear as when I first took it out of the box. 

Vitamin C is one of those ingredients that I keep in constant rotation in my skin care routine. Not only have I seen great results from it personally, but it's also backed by science. I've tried a lot of different formulas containing Vitamin C, but this one is really different than any other that I've tried, and I'm kind of in love with how it feels. I find that a few drops is plenty to cover my face and neck and the very slippery texture spreads really easily. On the skin, it has a texture that reminds me of a lightweight facial oil. It's definitely not heavy, but it's quite slick and makes my skin look really luminous. It takes several minutes to sink into the skin and even once it's absorbed my skin looks a little shiny. For someone who has oily skin, this might not be ideal, but for my dry-leaning winter skin this is fantastic. 

When it comes to how this has worked for me, I'm really, really impressed. I've used it as part of both my daytime and night time skin care routine and have enjoyed it for both. During the winter months, my skin can get very dull and because I'm so pale I can end up looking a little bit dead as a result. While using this, I've really noticed a bright, even tone to my skin that I've been really impressed with. I also feel like it's somewhat hydrating, which I love because I want everything I use on my skin during the colder months of the year to help keep my skin looking and feeling fresh, plump and hydrated. 

Sometimes I think that people want significant overnight results, but I feel like this a product that's more likely to give you results with consistent use. I also feel like people who might be concerned about strong concentrations of Vitamin C that can sting and cause irritation on the skin will really like this. With a concentration at 5%, it's going to have a much more gentle touch and is much less likely to be irritating. 

Overall, I really, really like this. I love that it's gently effective for me, brightening my skin and helping it to look more even without being too overwhelming or the least bit irritating. I also like finding Korean skin care products that include actives like Vitamin C, since so many of the products I've tried in the past have focused more on nourishment than being transformative. I feel like this product specifically tackles both of those things, adding some hydration while also brightening and evening my skin tone. 

The Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop is available online at Wishtrend and retails for $23USD and I highly recommend taking a look at it!

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