REVIEW + GIVEAWAY: Live Clean Foaming Body Washes

by - March 13, 2019

Hey guys! I always get excited about new releases from Live Clean. The brand is very much a constant in my life and has been for years, so I'm always looking forward to new releases and I feel like more and more we're seeing new product lines from the brand more frequently these days. So, of course, when I received the Live Clean Foaming Body Washes* in the mail, I couldn't wait to try them out. 

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You may remember the release last summer of the Live Clean Foaming Hand Washes and if you do I'm sure you won't be surprised that these are very similar in formula. These are available in three different varieties with different benefits to each. They're also 98% plant derived, vegan, cruelty free, hypallergenic and free of the environment harming baddies that I don't think any of us are particularly keen about sending down our drains.  

One of my favorite things about this formula is that it has a pump. I don't really feel like this is anything I've ever thought of with my body wash before, but it really is super convenient to just leave the bottle on the shelf while I dispense the product into my hand. Another great thing about this product is that because it comes out already foamy, you don't necessarily need a pouf or a washcloth to lather up the product. Great for a gym bag, right?

Live Clean Mango & Aloe Butter Foaming Body Wash*
Formulated to be gentle and soothing on sensitive skin, the mango and aloe butters in this formula hydrate while the oat kernel oil soothes skin. This variety is unscented, which is not only great for sensitive skin but also for people who have a sensitivity to fragrances themselves or who work in a scent free environment. 

Live Clean Moringa & Matcha Butter Foaming Body Wash*
Formulated with indulgent moringa and matcha butters, this one also contains vitamin C intended to help brighten and energize the skin. There's a really fresh, bright scent to this one that, for me, makes it really great for the morning to help perk you up and get you going while you're in the shower. 

Live Clean Shea & Murumuru Butter Foaming Body Wash*
My favorite of the three, this one contains rich shea and murmuru butters as well as hyaluronic acid intended to really give skin a punch of hydration as you cleanse, helping to keep skin from getting dry after washing. It also has a really beautiful scent that I love, it's a little bit rich and nutty and just entirely up my alley. 

All three of these body washes have a really lovely, rich foam that feels quite silky on the skin. It's not a really dense foam, so I do feel like I need a fresh pump for each part of my body, but I really don't mind reaching for more of these. They rinse really easily from the skin and don't leave any residue on the skin, but they also don't leave skin feeling dry or tight. Overall, I really do enjoy the experience of using the Live Clean Foaming Body Washes!

Wanna try them out for yourself? The lovely people at Live Clean are doing a giveaway for one of my lucky readers to win a prize pack featuring all three of the new Foam Body Washes. 

Giveaway is open to Canadian residents of legal age in their province or territory!

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