REVIEW: Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Total Miracle Deep Conditioner

by - April 24, 2019

Back when I was in high school, I absolutely loved Aussie hair care products. I would buy bottles for myself and hide them when I got out of the shower so that neither of my brothers would use them up on me. It's been a long time since I used any Aussie products though and I've been curious to see if they still live up to how I used to feel about them. Recently, I was perusing the hair care aisle and I noticed that my old favorite Aussie 3 Minute Miracle had a new look and a few different varities. I decided to pick up the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Total Miracle Deep Conditioner and give it a try and I wanted to share my thoughts on it here!

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Calling all busy bees, our Total Miracle 3 Minute Miracle does exactly what it says on the tin: performs a miracle on your mane in less time than it takes to book a salon appointment. The fabulously-fragrant formula, injected with apricot and Australian macadamia oil, is specifically designed to give hair seven must-have benefits in mere minutes - it strengthens hair against damage, gives hair silky softness, protects from split ends, nourishes with moisture, protects against humidity and even gives hair a brilliant luster. In other words, use this product to avoid having to make small talk with the hairdresser.

Not even gonna lie, you guys, I feel like my review could just the above blurb that I took from their website. The way that I use this is pretty simple: I shampoo my hair when I first get in the shower, wring out any excess water from my hair and then work this through from root to tip and then let it sit on the hair while I wash my body. Once I'm finished washing my body, I rinse this out and I'm done, simple as that. And honestly, I can't even really express how amazing this leaves my hair looking and feeling. It rinses really clean so that my hair feels soft, silky, hydrated and light without any residue weighing it down. It also makes my hair look really shiny - like we're talking shampoo commercial shiny. 

I legitimately can't say enough good things about this product. For the price point - I literally paid under $4 for this bottle - this legitimately can't be beat. In all honesty, I've used really fancy, high end hair masks that don't get it done like this one for me. And in fact, I've already repurchased it and am on to my second bottle. Next, I have every intention of trying out the Total Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner because... I am seriously mind blown at how much I - and my hair - love this product. Highly, highly, highly recommend. 

The Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Total Miracle Deep Conditioner is widely available and I picked mine up at my local Walmart. 

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