REVIEW: BeautyBigBang XL-054 Stamping Plate

by - April 04, 2019

Hey guys! So... I have a LOT of stamping plates. It's actually getting to the point now that I need to be a little bit more responsible and organized in storing them, which is something I'll have to deal with soon. I love stamping plates though. I love having options and a lot of different images to reach for when I get an idea. Recently, I was perusing nail art supplies and I got an eyeful of BeautyBigBang XL-054, which is a sort of space themed stamping plate and I Had.To.Have.It. There were so many images on this plate that I just knew that I needed in my collection and it's such a stunning plate that I really wanted to review it!

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The devil is really in the details and one thing that I seriously love about BeautyBigBang XL stamping plates is that they all come in individualized sleeves, so when you store them you can more easily reach for the one that you're looking for. Seems like a small detail, but when I'm digging through my stamping plates from other brands and I have to slide them out of the sleeve one by one to find the one I'm looking for, it's really, really annoying. For someone who doesn't keep their stamping plate in a flip book style case, this is a HUGE plus about these plates for me. 

The BeautyBigBang XL-054 Planet Universe Theme stamping plate is a large rectangular plate and contains 11 large images and 12 small images very much rooted in that planets and outer space type of theme. I feel like there's also a good selection of different types of images on this plate, which gives great inspiration and also makes it really versatile for a lot of different types of looks. I love almost every image on this plate and I really feel like it's going to be one of the go to's in my collection for all kinds of different mani's. 

One thing I love about the BBB plates is that the large images are really long, which makes them a great option for people who might struggle to find plates with images long enough for their nails. Even I've struggled with some plates that have more squatty images because they either don't cover the whole nail or are so close that placement is really fussy. For a full nail image, I want to be able to just sort of slap it on there. On the same token, I really like the sizes of the small images on this plate as well because they're in the right zone where they can work for basically any size nail. 

(Oops... I was out of pop sticks so I swatched on a lint roller sheet :()

As you can see, the pickup from this plate is really, really good. The etching is really smooth and I feel like you get a really clean, smooth image without having to work too hard. The only one I really had any trouble with was the negative space star pattern from the lower row, but I actually pretty much always have trouble getting a solid swipe on a negative space image and this one was actually a heck of a lot easier than a lot of other plates with similar images. I'm really, really impressed with the quality of all of the BeautyBigBang plates that I've tried and how solid the pick up is. 

For my first mani using this plate, I did a smoosh mani using metallic blue shades so that it was whimsical without being too dark, because I felt like the white stamping would be a little bit too stark. I feel like the three images I used for this mani pair really well together because they all have the thin lines and the small classic stars. For me, I always want a large stamping plate to have multiple images that go really well together and I love how well this one ticked that box for me. 

For my second mani, I started with a black créme base and added a multichrome flakie top coat for a sort of lazy galaxy look to the base and then when in with three of the moon images to create this moon phase mani. I actually used the full moon image in black on each nail and then added the white stamping on top of that to create each phase. These were actually the images that first sold me on this plate because I had been wanting to do a stamped moon phase mani for a looooong time. 

Honestly, I don't have a bad thing to say about this plate. I think the quality is good, I think the images are incredibly well chosen, and I think it will make a lot of great mani's as I continue to play and experiment with what this plate can do. If you've never tried BeautyBigBang stamping plates, I really feel like this is a great place to start. 

If you're interested in making an order with BeautyBigBang, they have given me a code for my followers, so use code TRYSH10 for 10% off your order. BeautyBigBang has really great prices already and Free International Shipping, but 10% off never hurts!

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