REVIEW: So...? Fragrances Summer Escapes Body Mists

by - July 16, 2019

Hey guys! Fragrance can be a tricky thing and for most of the year, I like really rich, almost masculine scents with hints of sweetness, but when summer rolls around I definitely want everything to be really fresh and bright. This year, I've been trying out the So...? Fragrance Summer Escapes Body Mists* and it's bringing me back to when I was younger and I had a collection of easy to reach for body sprays in my collection that I wore pretty much every single day. 

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Though I'd been seeing them for years, this is actually the first time I've tried out any So...? Fragrances products and I'm really impressed with how lovely the scents are. This collection is promises that you can experience the smell of summer - wherever and whenever you are, and I'm pretty on board with that. 

This fragrance begins with sun-soaked notes of orange and nectarine, processing into sizzling summer fruits of pineapple, mango and papaya, perfectly topped off with creamy notes of vanilla. 

When I think of a summer body mist, Cali Cool really sums up exactly what I think of. I love the brightness of the summer fruits combined with that sweet, creamy vanilla scent. I also love that this is definitely feminine and sweet, but still grounded in something really lush. It's definitely a youthful scent - perfect for a body mist, in my opinion - but it doesn't feel childish or overly candied. LOVE this one. 

Bali Breeze body mist lets your mind wander to carefree days on the beach. Its mellow notes of coconut, pineapple and orange blossom create a scent that is soothing and calming to your senses.

Man, this is another one that's just summer in a bottle to me - and I'm here for it. Somehow, this scent balances that brightness of a summery cocktail with something that feels a little bit richer to me. I have to say, this is definitely the one that I've been reaching for the most consistently, because while it maintains that youthfulness, it also feels a little bit more mature and luscious. Love, love, love this one!

Maui Waves body mist transports your thoughts to warmer temperatures and fun filled days on the beach. Its tropical fruity notes of lemon, progressing into effortless notes of jasmine and amber, perfectly complement your surfer chic look.  

Definitely the freshest of the bunch, Maui Waves definitely feels effortless to me and makes me think of lazy days - or nights - on the beach. This one doesn't have that sweetness and pulls more aquatic for me, really providing a different vibe entirely from the last two in this post. I feel like pretty much anyone could pull this off, at any age really, because it feels kind of soft and delicate but not overly girly. 

Miami Vibes is peachy sunsets and turquoise blue skies in a bottle. A perfect holiday beauty essential, its fruity notes of sweet pear and green melon open up the fragrance before settling into a floral bouquet of apple blossom. 

Of all of the scents, this is the one that most takes me back to the days of body spray every day. It has a soft, fruity brightness with a bit of sweet that feels very youthful and wearable. Personally, I'm not sure that this one that I would reach for anymore, probably because of the associations I make with it in my head, but it's a really lovely scent that feels quite youthful and very pretty. 

Overall, I really feel like these are perfect to toss in your beach bag and take with you on the go this summer. They're also really great straight out of the shower for a summery hit of fragrance. Because they're body mists, they don't have the longest wear time and do tend to soften up relatively quickly - but that just means you get to reapply them without being one of those overwhelmingly perfumed people, right? Personally, I'm a little bit in love with Bali Breeze and I've been keeping it in the bathroom for post shower misting. 

The So...? Fragrance Summer Escapes Body Mists* are available at and retail for $8.99CAD.

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