12 NAILS OF HALLOWEEN: Smoky Blue Haunted House Nail Art

by - October 25, 2019

Hey guys! I feel like the mani I put together for today's #12NailsOfHalloween is a bit of a classic these days, but I really couldn't resist giving it a go. I personally just love these sort of silhouette types of mani's and I feel like a blue almost-night sky is a great backdrop for it. I also feel like there's just so much that you can do with what's in the foreground to make every mani in this style your own, and I think I did that with mine. 

So, without further rambling by me, keep reading to see how I got these Smoky Blue Haunted House Nails!

Choosing the shades for my gradient was actually pretty tough, but i decided I really wanted to live in a really cool toned blue zone with a little bit of smokiness. I started with a coat of Pure Ice Periwinkle In Time on all of my nails as my base and let that dry completely. Next, I went in with a makeup sponge and created the gradient using that base shade along with Essence 80 Jeans On! and 78 Royal Blue. It took about three passes to get the blend and depth that I was looking for. Once I'd cleaned up my cuticles, I applied a coat of KBShimmer Prism Break to really smooth out the blend and give a starry night sort of look. I also added a few little dabs of clouds using a torn makeup sponge and Pure Ice Laven-Dare to add some dimension. 

For the stamping, I used several smaller images, for the most part, to really build out each nail and make the whole look cohesive. I mostly used the Nicole Diary L12 Stamping Plate, but there was a bit of an assist from the BornPrettyStore Halloween S002 Stamping Plate as well (I needed the right sized witch.) For all of the black stamping, I used Maniology Straight Up Black Stamping Polish, for the moon I used BornPrettyStore Silver Stamping Polish, and to fill in the windows on the house I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Glow With It.

I finished with a very generous coat of Seche Vive Quick Dry Top Coat and voila!

All Products Used
Pure Ice - Periwinkle In Time
Essence - Jeans On!
Essence - Royal Blue
KBShimmer - Prism Break
Pure Ice - Laven-Dare
Maniology - Straight Up Black Stamping Polish
BornPrettyStore - Silver Stamping Polish
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Glow With It
Seche Vive Quick Dry Top Coat
Nicole Diary L12 Stamping Plate
BornPrettyStore Halloween S002 Stamping Plate
BornPrettyStore Clear Stamper
elf Concealer Brush For Clean Up

One thing that I personally love about nail art is that you can take inspiration from things that other artists have done - there are so many amazing nail artists who create really beautiful things out there - but then make it your own. I try to never straight up copycat other people's work, but instead be inspired by it for my own take on it, and I feel like that's kind of where this one falls.

Can you believe there's only one more #12NailsOfHalloween left? Come back Monday for my last mani of this Halloween season and check out the rest of this year's Halloween nail art here

Thanks for reading!

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