FEATURED FIVE: New-To-Me Drugstore Lips, Lashes & Brows

by - October 22, 2019

Sometimes there are products that I try out from the drugstore that I really want to feature here on the blog, but they just don't seem to warrant their own review post. SO, I decided that I want to start doing some round ups of these one off products that I've been trying out because I definitely do feel like they're worth giving my review on. If this is something you're interested in seeing more of in the future, please do let me know in the comments!

Without further ado, let's look at some Lips, Lashes, and Brow products from the drugstore that I've been trying out recently, shall we?

Essence MicroPrecise Eyebrow Pencil
I was really excited to see that Essence finally released a skinny brow pencil and was super excited to try it. I got through these types of pencils really quickly, so I'm always on the hunt for one that performs the way that I want, but is also affordable. I quite like the tone of this one, which is in the shade light brown, and I think it would actually be the most universal shade - though there are dark brown and blonde options as well. I would say that the formula of this brow pencil is definitely more on the creamy side and requires a light touch to get those soft, hair-like strokes that micro pencils are best for, but it's fairly easy to work with and gets my brows done quickly and easy. It doesn't have a spoolie, which isn't really surprising for the price point but would certainly have been appreciated, especially since I find that the creamier texture does mean my brows require a little bit of softening with a spoolie at the end. 

Overall, I think this is a solid option for the price point and will probably be a great addition to a lot of people's collections, but I personally prefer a little bit of a harder and drier formula and I'm willing to pay a little bit more to have it. Still, it's good and it's worth a try at under $5.

NYX Bare With Me Brow Setter
Brow gel is a must for me, but I'll admit to feeling a little bit Goldilocks about them. I have pretty unruly brows that tend not to stay where they want them too without some solid hold, but I can't stand a really crunchy brow and I've found that a lot of the formulas I've tried either hold great but leave my brows stiff and heavy or give me the texture I want but not enough hold. Admittedly, I didn't have the highest of hopes for this one, but I was super pleasantly surprised and haven't reached for anything else since I started using it. Honestly, I'm not super sold on the necessity of the cannabis sativa oil in this - mostly just feels like a gimmick to me - but ultimately the formula just works. It's supposed to both set and condition your brows at the same time, and I actually do think I've seen a difference in the softness of my brows since starting to use this. More importantly though - to me, anyway - is that this gives me that hold that keeps my brows in place literally all day and gives me the natural looking texture I prefer in my brows, but doesn't feel crispy or heavy at all. 

If you have really wiry or unruly brows or don't like a natural look, this might not be for you, but I'm seriously in love with it. 

Essence You Better Work Volume & Curl Mascara
Essence mascaras have been either huge hits or huge fails for me in the past and there's really no in between. Honestly, I can't think of an Essence mascara that I just thought was fine, I've either loved them or absolutely hated them. That said, I always go back to the ones that I love and I'm always willing to try out new ones that they release - at under $5, they're by far the most affordable option in the drugstore. Now, I do have to admit... the promises of withstanding a workout and a shower afterwards have absolutely no interest to me - I hate working out in makeup and there's no way that I'm not washing my face after a workout, so on both counts there's just nothing for me there. So this review will 100% be from the perspective of just every day wear - and from that perspective, this worked really, really well for me.

I prefer a drier mascara, so I did prefer this more after about a week or so than I did when I first started using it, and I did find that the tube started to dry out fairly quickly so for someone who likes a wetter formula, this might not be for you. I found that this did exactly what it claimed on me. It held my curl beautifully (after using a lash curler, obviously) and built a really beautiful volume that wasn't clumpy or heavy. It also wears really, really well on me and I didn't notice any flaking or smudging on the days I used this. Overall, I don't think it beats my all time favorite Essence mascara (Volume Stylist 18h Lash Extension) but I think it's a really solid option in the line and one that I would try again, for sure. 

Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish in Act Natural*
I have to admit that I've sort of avoided the onslaught of highly pigmented glossy lip products because they tend to scare me. In the past, a lot of glossy lip formulas with really intense colour have just ended up all over my face because I mash my lips and I need to be careful with them. I have been pretty interested in them though, so I was really interested to try this one out and it's actually been working out really well for me. It's definitely super pigmented and I find that I actually have to do a little bit of lip mashing to get it to really meld with my lips, but once it does I absolutely love both the way it looks and feels. It has a really thick, but non-sticky texture that clings to the lips and offers surprisingly long wear considering the finish, and maintains coverage and shine in a way that I find really flattering on the lips.

I don't really know how a deeper shade in this formula would work out for me, but considering how much this really pretty peachy shade has worked I'm definitely willing to give them a go. 

Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Lip Cream in Brazilian Nut
I've actually had my eye on the Butter Lip Creams for a while now, but just hadn't picked one up until recently. More and more I'm finding that I want to really use nourishing lip products that give me some colour but also protect and hydrate my lips - after so many years of beating them up with matte lip products, I prefer a more pampering touch now - and these seemed like a good product to try. Formulated with a rich, moisturizing butter blend, fatty acids, and SPF 15, I feel like this is probably the most lip friendly formula I've tried in quite a while. Because it's such a nourishing formula, I'll admit that I was expecting it to be pretty sheer... but damn is this baby pigmented.

Because I'm a lip masher, I actually do apply this much more carefully by sort of dabbing it onto the lips and then spreading it in a thin layer with my finger because otherwise this would be just all over my face. Amazingly, this does actually give me really nice coverage and colour on the lips with a texture that feels like a sort of perfect balmy texture, really plush and hydrated without too much slip. If you do like a more glossy, full colour look though, swiping this product on will definitely achieve that. Honestly, I'm super impressed with this formula and I suspect this is going to be one of those lippies that lives in my purse for the foreseeable future.

Overall, I'm both really impressed and distinctly surprised how much these products have worked out for me. Almost all of them ended up being something of a surprise just based on my personal tastes and my own expectations. Personally, I would most highly recommend the NYX Bare With Me Brow Setter and the Physicians Formula Butter Lip Cream, but I think that depending on personal tastes a lot of people will really enjoy all of these products!

Thanks for reading!

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