REVIEW: Avon ANEW Hydra Fusion Serum

by - October 01, 2019

When it comes to skin care ingredients, there is a short list for me that rank as Must Have's. Hyaluronic Acid is definitely on that list, especially as the weather gets colder and maintaining hydration in my skin becomes more and more paramount.  For the past few months, I've been trying out the Avon ANEW Hydra Fusion Serum* and I thought now would be a good time to tell you guys my thoughts on it since it's about that time to really start thinking about hydration. 

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Meet our highest concentration for enhancing the skin's ability to retain moisture, 1.5% pure hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid acts like a sponge by holding up to 1 000 times its weight in water for lasting hydration. It's also ideal for someone wanting overall deep hydration or a spot treatment for extra-dry areas, even elbows!

I was actually really excited to try this out because I've really gotten along well with other products from the Avon ANEW Hydra Fusion line in the past. I was also really intrigued because this is a higher concentration of hyaluronic than a lot of other serums and also has three different molecular sizes of hyaluronic to penetrate different layers of the skin. It also contains Raspberry Antioxidant, which is a bit of a powerhouse when it comes to the signs of aging. I really like that they combined a strong concentration of hyaluronic with a potent antioxidant, although I do wish I knew what concentration of the raspberry antioxidant was in this serum. 

I like to use this either as my first step immediately after cleansing while my skin is still quite damp to help lock that hydration into the skin or as my last step before moisturizer. Honestly, I feel like hyaluronic acid serums are kind of versatile like that and I'm not really overly precious about where in my skin care routine I apply them as long as I'm not layering over something that will impede their absorption. One thing with hyaluronic is that you really do need it to absorb into the skin to really get the plumping benefits. 

The texture of this serum is really gorgeous. When you first pump it out, it's a little bit thicker than some other hyaluronic serums I've used, but it melts down to a watery texture to smooth over the skin and then seems to thicken up as you work it in before absorbing to leave quite a smooth, silky texture on the skin. I was a little bit worried that this would be quite sticky, but it actually feels pretty lovely on the skin. It has a light, fresh scent to it that's maybe a little bit vaguely fruity. From a sensorial perspective, it's just a really, really lovely product to use, but I would caution anyone with a scent sensitivity that this one could bother you. 

Immediately upon application of this serum, I notice a plumping effect that gives my skin a healthy, hydrated and youthful look, particularly if I apply it to damp skin. I particularly like this product for the morning, because there's a wake up sort of effect that helps tired skin look more energized, and it really helps to give a good base for makeup. Throughout the day, my skin really does maintain that youthful bounce and vibrancy that I think we're all sort of looking for. 

With continued use, I did find that my skin seems to maintain hydration longer and I haven't really noticed myself struggling with any dry spots or weird texture. I haven't noticed any significant visible differences in the look of discoloration or fine lines, outside of that immediate plumping effect, but honestly when it comes to any hyaluronic acid serum that's never really what I'm looking for. 

Overall, I really think this is a gorgeous serum that does exactly what I expect it to. It has a rich texture and gives a sensory experience that I really, really enjoy and gives me immediate results as far as giving my skin a healthy and hydrated look that really lasts throughout the day. What more can I say, really? This is a really solid hyaluronic acid serum that I think a lot of people would really, really enjoy as a part of their daily skin care routine. 

The Avon ANEW Hydra Fusion Serum* is available at and or through your local Avon representative!

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