REVIEW: Wet N Wild Halloween 2019 Coffin Break Eyeshadow Palette

by - October 03, 2019

Every year, Wet N Wild releases their Fantasy Makers collection with displays popping up in stores with various products to create your Halloween makeup looks. This year, though, they released three palettes along with the collection and we actually got them here in Canada - which definitely doesn't always happen with Limited Edition Wet N Wild products. I was so excited to see the display at my local Shoppers Drug Mart that I grabbed the palette that called to me the most without even a second thought. I mean... Of course I did, right?

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Of the three palettes that Wet N Wild released with this collection, Coffin Break is by far the most neutral and generally wearable. It's filled with incredibly warm shades in a mix of matte and shimmer finishes. The other two palettes in this collection are The Boo Crew, which contains some really pretty blue and green toned shades along with a couple of neutrals, and In The Smoke, which contains smoky grey shades along with some punchy reds. I haven't tried either of the other two palettes, though, so I can't speak to their quality and performance.

Honestly, I feel like the thing that spoke to me most about the palette is actually probably the same thing that meant I didn't really need it in my collection. There isn't really anything really unique (or Halloween-y) about the curation of this palette. While you can certainly create some really beautiful Halloween glam looks with this palette, I don't think that it stands out all that much from a lot of what most of us have in our collections. 

As far as the quality of the shadows, I think it falls very much in line with a lot of the other Wet N Wild 10 Pan Palettes in that there are a few dud shades in the palette, but the hits are really, really amazing. That's one thing that always keeps me coming back to these palettes, that I know there are going to be great shades within the palette that will be easy to work with and create some really beautiful looks. 

There are four true matte shades in this palette. Generally, I find myself overwhelmingly impressed with Wet N Wild's matte shadows, but there's one matte in this palette that just didn't hit for me. Shades 2, 3, and 10 are absolutely stunning with strong pigmentation and really smooth, creamy textures that build and blend stunningly on the eyes. Unfortunately, shade 1, the black, is a little bit disappointing. I was really hoping for a really rich, pigmented black that would really build out vampy Halloween looks, but this one is not very pigmented and has a thin, hard packed texture that I just can't get much intensity from at all. 

With the shimmer shades, I think there's also quite a bit of variation, both in finish and in texture overall. Shades 5, 6, and 8 are definitely a softer, more satiny shine, but they all have good pigmentation and apply really nicely. Shades 3 and 9 pack a hell of a lot of metallic punch and shine and apply really boldly to the eyes. And then there's shade 4, which is just... a bit of a huge miss for me. It's got that satiny shimmer base with a lot of gold microglitters in it, but the texture is sort of dry and crumbly and it just doesn't pack a lot of punch for me. 

I'll admit, this might be the most boring and basic look that you could possibly do with this palette, but it does actually pack a lot of punch. I started with shade 10 through the crease and just above as my transition shade. Next, I packed Shade 7 onto the outer corner and all the way through the crease for this really bold rusty look (this shade is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and probably my favorite in the whole palette.) Next, I used Shade 1 to try and add some depth into the outer corner and it worked a little bit, but didn't really give me the richness that I was looking for. Finally, I packed Shade 8 onto the lid using a wet brush and blended it into Shade 7. I finished with a light wash of Shade 10 just above the whole look to blow it out as well as along the lower lash line. 

Overall, I feel a few ways about this palette. I think that the whole Halloween thing doesn't really fit, but extra fails with the underwhelming formulas of the black and orange shades, which really would have driven home the Halloween theme had they been really saturated and impactful. While I do think that other than those two shades, this is a solid palette that has a lot of potential for rich, warm fall looks, I also think that it doesn't bring anything really different to the table and if you already own their My Glamour Squad and Rose In The Air palettes, you probably don't need this one as well. That said, I am glad I picked this up and I do think I'll use it... So do with that what you will!

The Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers displays are out now at local retailers and the Wet N Wild Coffin Break Palette retails for $7.49CAD at Shoppers Drug Mart here in Canada.

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