REVIEW: SkinCeuticals Anti-Aging Regimen

by - December 17, 2019

For the past few years since I got to try out my first SkinCeuticals products, they've been a skin care brand that I both love to use myself and recommend to people who are looking for real visible results from their skin care, particular those with more mature skin. Recently, I got the chance to try out the SkinCeuticals Anti-Aging Regimen*, which includes two products that I'd never tried before as well as a long time, ride-or-die must have product that I've literally recommended more times than I can even count. I've been using these products consistently for a couple of months now and I'm definitely ready to give some thoughts. 

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One thing that I love about SkinCeuticals is that their focus is threefold with their Prevent, Correct and Protect system and this set includes products in all three of those categories. First, in the Prevent category, is the cult favorite C E Ferulic, a daytime antioxidant serum. Next, in the Correct category is the H.A. Intensifier, a hyaluronic acid serum. And finally, in the Protect category is their Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 sunscreen. I feel like this set really brilliantly hits all of the notes that I personally think are fundamental in a well rounded skin care routine. 

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic*
Containing 15% L-ascorbic acid, 1% vitamin E and 0.5% ferulic acid, I feel like this is the most loved and talked about product from SkinCeuticals - certainly the one I was most aware of before I really learned more about the brand. It really is one of those cult, must-try skin care products. The thing that I personally find really interesting about this product is the science behind it. Vitamin C is a powerful but ultimately quite unstable antioxidant. In this formula, the addition of the ferulic acid actually helps to stabilize the Vitamin C and helps maintain efficacy. 

I like to use this as my morning serum immediately after cleansing (or my toner step, if I do one.) There is a little bit of a tingle when I first apply it, as is common with more powerful Vitamin C serums, but this one doesn't outright sting like some others and I find it goes away fairly quickly. Since I've been using this, I really do feel like I've seen a difference as far as my skin tone evening out. Because I'm quite fair, you really can see discoloration on my face and I have a little bit of melasma at the tops of my cheeks, and I really think that this has helped to even that out. 

I really can see why this is such a hero product because I really do feel like I saw a difference quickly and one that has been maintained as I've continued to use the product. This is a bit of a spendy serum, but it's one that I'd absolutely say is worth the money if you have the budget for it, especially if you're specifically looking for something to help give a more even skin tone. 

SkinCeuticals H.A. Intensifier*
This is a really interesting product with, again, some really interesting science behind it. It contains 1.3% hyaluronic acid, which is a humectant that attracts and holds water in the skin, 10% proxylane, which is a sugar-protein hybrid that helps to prevent water loss, and 2% licorice root + 0.2% purple rice extract, which help to maintain hyaluronic acid levels in the skin. I love that beyond hydrating, this product is also formulated to actually maintain that hydration throughout the day.  

Unlike some other HA serums that can be quite watery, this has a thicker gel texture that feels really silky and smooth as you rub it into the skin. As soon as I apply this my skin takes on a more plump and luminous appearance. Literally, this is one of those products that makes you look healthier and more vibrant as soon as you apply it. It also really does help to maintain hydration, keeping my skin looking really really healthy throughout the day. While you can use this any time, I actually prefer to use it in the morning because I feel like I get that little wakeup to the skin that I always so desperately need and my skin looks and feels incredible all day long. 

I've used a LOT of hyaluronic acid products over the past 7 years or so since I first discovered what an immediate difference it can make in the appearance of skin and very, very honestly I think this is my favorite that I've ever tried. I love the texture, I love the results, and I think it's one product that is going to be an absolute must have in my routine this winter as the air gets drier and my skin needs more and more hydration. 

SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50*
If there's one skin care product that I've probably recommended above all others for the past few years, it would be this one. So, so many of us hate the feeling of SPF products, especially under makeup, and I know for a fact that there are a lot of people who would rather skip it and risk the sun exposure than to wear greasy, heavy feeling sunscreens on a day to day basis. I used to be one of them. 

The texture of Physical Fusion is so lightweight and comfortable that it's basically weightless on the skin. It's lightly tinted, which is more about it disappearing into the skin than actually giving any coverage, but I do actually find that I like how my skin looks on no makeup days better when I wear this than when I don't. I do find that this does give a subtle luminosity to the skin, but definitely not in a greasy way at all. It's just... it's so dreamy, you guys. SO DREAMY.

Most importantly of all, though, this SPF really works to protect my skin and I feel really confident using it both for every day sun protection as well as for more intense sun protection when I'm out at the beach or the pool in the sun for several hours - although don't forget to reapply! Seriously, as much as I love the other two products in this set, and I really, really do love them, this is still the product that I'm probably going to continue recommending more than any other because SPF is one of the most important skin care steps that there is and I'm just gonna go ahead and tell you that I feel like no other sunscreen lives up to this one for me. 

Honestly, SkinCeuticals just continues to impress me with their well formulated and effective products. I feel like you can really see the amount of thought and intention that went into formulating all of their products, combining ingredients to get the most out of them and addressing the real issues of skin care. In a world that's throwing SO MUCH at us when it comes to skin care, I feel like SkinCeuticals manages to both be really intricate but also to keep it simple - and the science really does lead when it comes to their products. 

If you're interested in trying out any of these products or just want to know more about SkinCeuticals in general, I highly recommend checking out their website. It's a really good resource for information about their ethos, formulas and ingredients along with being the place to pick up the products. 

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