REVIEW: OPI Mexico City Collection Spring 2020

by - February 14, 2020

Hey guys! I'm so excited for today's review because I've got the new OPI Mexico City Spring 2020 Collection* and it's kind of a stunner. I have to admit that when I first saw photos and swatches of this collection, it didn't really sing for me, but once I had it in hand and specifically once I had swatched all of the shades myself I really felt like I got it - which, honestly, just proves that I am probably more suited for experiencing other people's curation than being a curator myself. The shades in this collection really do tell a story for me and have a really cool Mexican vibe that I think will be amazing for the spring and summer. 

So, without further ado, let's get into it!

For this collection, OPI partnered with native Mexican artist, muralist and illustrator Sofia Castellanos to really capture Mexico City's vibrant art scene in the curation of this collection. It contains 12 shades - all available in the classic Nail Lacquer, Infinite Shine and GelColor formulas, as well as 6 shades available in their Powder Perfect dip powder formula. There are a total of 9 créme finishes, 1 shimmery metallic, 1 shimmer crelly, and 1 flakie jelly finish. Obviously, OPI has a killer créme formula, which really shines in this collection, but I love that they also branched one, particularly with the flakie jelly polish. 

OPI Mexico City Move-Mint*
Make this your next move, a soft understate green that plays well with others.
In my notes, I described this as a muted pale tealish grey, but I would really say that this is what you would get if you mixed a tiny bit of teal in with a whole lot of white. This shade was a little bit streaky on the first coat, but built to full coverage opacity on the second coat. It has a lot of crisp brightness and a density to the shade that really impressed me. 

OPI Verde Nice To Meet You*
Likewise, nice to meet you too. Make a scene with OPI's newest lush and verdant green.
I'm a little bit in love with this shade. To me, this really feels like the colour of dusty raw turquoise stone and every time I look down at my nails (it's the shade I'm wearing as I write this) I want to get some little veins and specks of gold in there for some stone nail art. It's a gorgeous 2 coat formula and even though the shade is really muted, it feels really dense in colour. 

OPI Don't Tell A Sol*
Shhh! A warm inviting yellow that boasts fashion and fun with bold brightness.
In pictures, I find this is pulling a little brighter than in person, where it has a slightly warmer depth to it. I normally hate working with yellow polishes (though I haven't tried many from OPI, so maybe I'm missing out) but this one was actually really, really easy to work with. It was opaque in two coats, though I recommend floating the second coat to avoid lifting bits of the first coat and getting streakiness, and it leveled really beautifully and dried down to a really shiny finish. On my skin tone, I don't love this colour but I feel like it would be stunning on a deeper skin tone. 

OPI Suzi's Slinging Mezcal*
Sling all you want but don't forget your nail appointment!
This shade manages to be both a bright yellow gold and a slightly old gold shimmery metallic at the same time. It's quite yellow in tone, but there's a mutedness to it that I really like personally. I got it opaque in two coats, which actually surprised me since I was expecting it to take three. There are definitely brush strokes when you apply this formula, so I would recommend taking care with the second coat to get them all moving in the same direction. 

OPI Mural Mural On The Wall*
Your nails go graphic with scattered specks of crazy coral confetti.
I think it's pretty obvious that this is going to be the standout of the collection because it's such a unique formula for a mainstream nail polish brand. This polish a jelly formula in an orangey salmon colour that's just absolutely packed with irregular gold flakes. It's pretty sheer on the first coat, but I got to what I would call full opacity for this type of shade in three coats. It applies really evenly without looking streaky at all and dries down to a kind of bouncy jelly look. LOVE this polish. 

OPI Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal*
Enjoy the spirit of a warm coral glow.
In my notes, I described this as a bleached salmon kind of shade, but I would also say you could describe it as a dusty peach. It's a créme finish and it was absolutely gorgeous to work with. It was opaque in two coats and levelled really, really smoothly on the nails. I feel like this is one of those shades that would be really universally flattering and also look really different on different skin tones. on me, this felt like an easy, work friendly neutral, but when I picture it on deep skin tones I feel like it would have a really gorgeous, but still easy to wear pop. 

OPI My Chihuahua Doesn't Bite Anymore*
Doggonit! An exciting and beautiful orange to scare away any ankle biter.
This shade is really interesting because I want to describe it as a bright, deep burnt orange/red, which feels kind of contradictory to me but it still accurate. However you describe it, this shade is really, really lovely and just screams summer to me. It was almost a one coater, but I do feel like for perfect coverage you're going to need two coats. Still, it's a really dense, rich colour and it's really easy to work with and levels nicely. Personally, this is also a really unique addition to my collection.

OPI ¡Viva OPI!*
Live, Love, Laugh. OPI covers all bases with a vibrant red to celebrate the art of being.
Obviously OPI does incredible red polishes and this is no different. I would describe this as a chili pepper red shade with really warm orangey undertones with some distinct brightness and vibrancy that I think would be pretty universally flattering. This could easily be a one coat polish if you apply it a little more generously, though the swatch photo is two coats, and it levels really nicely and dries down quickly. Gorgeous any time of year red, if you ask me, but I think it'll particularly sing in hot weather. 

OPI Telenovel Me About It*
A soap opera pink that creates intense drama for your nails. Don't leave us hanging!
When I first saw swatches of this collection, I heard someone say that the flash of pink shimmer in this doesn't show up on the nail but as you can see it really did for me. I described this as an orchid pink crelly shade with fuscia shimmer - and I stand by it. It's a little bit more of a sheer formula and it took 3 coats for me to get opacity, but all of the coats were even in pigment and I didn't end up with any streakiness. The shimmer is really fine and subtle but it did show up on the nails for me. I really feel like this is a flattering warm weather pink that I will definitely use for my summer toes. 

OPI Mi Casa Es Blue Casa*
Invite yourself to a manicure that opens the door to new and blue possibilities.
Can we just take a minute and look at this colour? The only way I could really describe it is as a bright primary blue créme shade and it is gorgeous. There's a crispness to this colour, bright and rich without it feeling like it was diluted even a little bit with black or white, like so many other blues. You could probably get away with one coat of this polish, but for the most density and richness of colour I would recommend two. Again, this is a great formula, dries fast and levels really well. 

OPI Mariachi Makes My Day*
And this deep purple saturated with intense color makes my night!
In photos, this does feel like it pulls a little bit brighter than in person, where I would describe it as being a deep, blue based grape purple créme. I actually did get opacity in one coat, which actually surprised me because it almost seemed like it was going to be a little bit sheer on the first stroke, but I would recommend two coats for richness and density. Again, I'm a broken record but the formula is really stunning, easy to apply, and fast to dry. 

OPI Hue is the Artist?*
The artist is you! Create a palette of pale, wispy lavender to spring into the season.
So... this is my favorite shade in this collection, which might seem a little bit boring but bear with me for a second. This is one of those almost white shades that has just a touch of a pinky purple tone to it, like they added a drop to a vat of white, but that hint takes away the starkness of white and makes it a lot more wearable. I was really, really impressed with this formula. It was pretty streaky on the first coat, but this picture right here is TWO COATS. Now, I think actually you might want to do thinner coats and really let them dry in between and go with three, but I have to say I was REALLY impressed that I got coverage in two. As a nail artist, this is absolutely a must have shade for me, because I HATE a white base, but I LOVE an almost white base. 

To me, it really does make sense when I look at this collection as a whole that OPI teamed up with a Mexican artist to create this collection because it has a really bold, graphic feel to me that just screams Mexico - and makes me wish I was lying on a Mexican beach drinking some really gorgeous tequila in the sun. Honestly, I'm so impressed with these formulas - I finished all of the swatches in one sitting, which is sort of unheard of for a collection of this size - and I know I'll get a ton of wear out of these shades. Highly, highly recommend. 

The OPI Mexico City Collection* is available now where OPI is sold in store and online. For my fellow Canadians I find Nail Polish Canada to be a great place to grab the limited edition collections - I'm not affiliated with them in any way, just think they're solid!

Thanks so much for reading!

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