REVIEW: FRANZ Skin Care Everday Essence & Dual Mask System

by - February 13, 2020

Maybe I'm getting a little bit jaded, but I tend to look at products and sort of categorize them alongside the products that I've tried that I think they'll be in line with. Admittedly, that's what I did when I first looked at the FRANZ Skin Care Everyday Essence* and Dual Mask System* - and I'm almost glad I did because once I got into using them and really looked at their ingredients I got to have that feeling of surprise when they stood out for me as something genuinely interesting and unique.

So, let's get into my review, shall we? 

FRANZ Dual Mask System*
The FRANZ Premium Active Ingredient Microcurrent Face Mask System is the world's first at-home microcurrent face mask system that nourishes and repairs your skin from the inside out. Our patented Tissue X™ technology, allows our expertly formulated skin-repairing ingredients to penetrate the deepest layers of your skin. A single treatment will noticeably revitalize your skin in just minutes, providing enhanced hydration to the inner skin, while instantly improving circulation, elasticity, cell turnover, skin barrier function, as well as reducing fine lines and redness.

Girl. GIRL. I did not know what was going on when I first opened this up. I was definitely expecting this to be your regular, run-of-the-mill sheet mask and it most certainly is not. First off, there are three steps to this mask that you use all together for your masking experience. At first, it seemed pretty complicated and I was, admittedly, more intimidated than I've ever been with a sheet mask, but it's actually pretty straight forward and each step is clearly marked. The way that you use it is to apply the Step 1 sheet mask first, then you apply the Step 2 Boosting Essence to the little tabs on the Step 3 sheet mask and apply that on top of the first mask to really seal everything in. 

Twice the serial killer sheet mask face... Twice the fun?

The Step 1 sheet mask is just absolutely saturated in essence so I really feel like I'm getting a lot of benefit just from one use. And yes, I do definitely rub the excess from the pouch into my neck, chest, arms and hands - there is absolutely no reason to let it go to waste. This mask smells really good and feels immediately soothing as soon as I put it onto my skin. I would say this is probably a pretty standard sheet mask, but I do really enjoy the feel and heavy saturation of it.

Step 2 and 3 are where this gets interesting. In my notes I wrote "SO STRANGE". Basically the idea if that the microcurrent system in the dry mask really works to help the beneficial ingredients in the essence to penetrate more deeply into your skin. So you carefully apply the Boosting Essence to the little tabs at the edges of the dry mask - be careful and go slow, the first time I tried this I made a bit of a mess - and then you apply this mask over top of the Step 1 mask. On top of the microcurrent, I feel like adding the dry mask actually really does help to press the essence into the skin, and the fit was pretty dreamy and comfortable without shifting or lifting while I was wearing it.

Honestly, I really did love both the experience and the results of using this mask - I've tried it twice so far and wore them for about 20 minutes each time. At first, I did notice a tingle that almost reached the level of sting right at where the tabs were (about at my cheekbones) and then as I wore the mask that sting faded and I actually did start to feel something of a tingle all over my face - which I wasn't really expecting. 

Honestly, I love how my skin looks after I use this mask and I really did see effects that lingered as far as my skin looking really hydrated and healthy and feeling quite plump and youthful. 

FRANZ Everyday Essence
Known as ourr signature hydrating booster, Everyday Essence is packed with water binding and sealing ingredients, giving your skin layers of hydration without actually having to layer in multi-steps, leaving your skin plump while giving a natural glow.

I have to admit that initially I thought that this formulation was going to be a pretty standard Hyaluronic Acid essence, which is lovely and something I constantly use, but doesn't really excite me as much as it used to. It wasn't until I really dug into the ingredients that I found myself getting really, really interested in this product. Above and beyond an HA complex containing different molecular sizes for layers of absorption, this also contains more powerhouse ingredients like antioxidants, ceramids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. 

I've been using this morning and night as a part of my skin care routine and I think it's a beautiful addition and layers really beautifully and easily with other products in my routine. Initially, it feels like sort of a lightweight gel, but as I work it into the skin I find that it starts to feel a little bit more viscous before it sinks in. I do use this at the point that I would normally use my HA serum, right before my moisturizer and after I've applied more intense actives (that tend to come in more watery consistencies.) I really do think that this has made a gorgeous addition to my routine, one that slots in easily and really does have great effects on my skin. I've really noticed (especially with having been sick and sort of letting my skin care slide) that my skin feels more resilient and looks good even when I'm slacking on my routine, but also bounces back really well once I get back into a solid skin care routine. 

With Korean skin care, I think the biggest thing really does tend to be adding and really maintaining hydration and skin's barrier to give a youthful, brightened appearance to the skin and I think that at their baseline that's what both of these products do. But on top of that, these products have the added benefit of some really solid skin care ingredients,and, with the mask, a really effective and unique delivery system. I've been really surprised and impressed with both of these. I would personally recommend both of these products very much to people who are looking for a serious boost in hydration as well as anyone who gets a bit geeky about skin care like myself.

To pick either of these products up or to get them in a bundle, check out their website - currently through 02/16/20 you can use their promotional code ROSE for 50% off your order!

Thanks so much for reading!

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