REVIEW: Catrice Badass Bae Eyeshadow Palette

by - April 03, 2020

Hey, everyone! If you've been keeping up on the blog, you'll know that Catrice has really become a staple brand in my makeup routine in recent months and I've been consistently loving a lot of what I've tried from the brand. The eyeshadows in their Catrice x Eman Eyeshadow Palette* really, really impressed me, so, of course, I was really excited to try out the new Catrice Bad Ass Bae Eyeshadow Palette*, one of three palettes in their Bae collection.

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The warmest of the three Bae palettes in the collection, Bad Ass Bae features 12 shades that very much live in that really warm toned family that so many of us love so much. It promises highly pigmented, buildable shades in a rich powder formula that is easy to blend in matte and shimmer finishes. There are 7 mattes, 4 shimmer, and 1 satin finish shade in this palette with distinctly sassy hashtag shade names.

I have to say, I really do like the packaging and branding in this collection. All three come housed in a standard cardboard packaging with a magnetized flap that holds quite firmly. They also each contain a good sized, very usable mirror, which I think is a huge plus at this price point. This palette is a bold brick red - perfect for both the colour story inside as well as the Bad Ass theme, I think - with gold sculls and embossed yellow lettering.

When it comes to the curation of this palette, I think it's generally really solid. I always love a palette with more matte shades than shimmers - I just feel like most eye looks build a lot more matte shades and that's where you really get your grounding when it comes to an eye look - and this delivers on hat for me. Personally, when I actually use this palette though, there's one shade that I really, really feel is missing from the palette and that's a beautiful, bright gold or champagne shimmer. I feel like all of the shimmers in this palette sort of live in the same depth, which can limit the versatility a little bit, so having a brighter shimmer shade for the lid would have really opened up this palette for me. 

Formulawise, I think this is a good palette. The matte formula is really, really lovely. I do think "buildable" is a really important thing to note when it comes to this formula, because though they're quite pigmented, these aren't shadows that are going to go full colour bam on the first stroke. Personally, I think this is a good thing as far as being user friendly goes, because it kind of makes it hard to mess up your application and make a mess. The shimmer shades are also really the type of shimmers that I personally prefer. They have a smooth, almost creamy texture, but they're also quite thin and don't clump up when you're picking them up with a brush or applying them to the lid. Personally, like with all shimmers, I prefer to apply them wet to get the smoothest, most impactful look. While it isn't my favorite shade in this palette, the addition of #SAVAGE, the one satin finish in this palette, does definitely add some versatility for me. I don't tend to love an all matte look, but I also don't always want a high impact shimmer on the lid, and I think this shade solves that. It adds a little bit of luminosity on the lid, but mostly performs like a matte.

I do find that generally a look is going to be quite soft with these shadows, even if you get it to a really deep tone, there's still a really soft feel to the finished look. As far as wear time, I've been solidly impressed with this palette. Though I do think that the shadows in the Catrice x Eman Eyeshadow Palette actually do hold on a little more intensely throughout the day, I think this shadows perform really, really well and stay in place without creasing or getting patch on me throughout the day. 

The first look I did using this palette is probably the most obvious. I used several of the orangey brown matte shades to slowly build up depth through the crease and then added the deepest brown shade to the outer corner and really wedged into the crease. For the lid, I applied #BREAKRULES, the most coppery shimmer shade, using a flat brush wet with some mineral water. Finally, I blended just a little bit of #SAVAGE at the edge of my crease colours and brought a little bit of light there with that satin finish.

I really wanted to try and see if I could accomplish a really neutral contoured eye with this palette, since that's one of my personal go to looks for every day, and even though this palette is overwhelmingly warm I feel like this look worked out really well. For this, I used #CLAPBACK and #BYEFELICIA to build out and blend my crease and outer corner, and then I applied #SAVAGE on the lid for that soft, slightly luminous lid. Like I said, this is a simple go to look, but I love that this palette with all of that intense warmth, was versatile enough to shift to something really neutral. 

Overall, I have to say that I think this is a really solid drugstore palette. The quality of both the packaging and the shadows is really solid and I think there's a really good amount of versatility when it comes to the curation of the palette. I honestly do think that this really is one of the best drugstore palette options, especially at under $20. 

The Catrice Badass Bae Eyeshadow Palette* is available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart for $16.99CAD, in store and online, and is available at Ulta in the US for $14.99US!

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