MANI MONDAY: Pixi Inspired Pink & Green Gradient Nails

by - June 08, 2020

Hey guys! I have to admit, I was initially a little bit stumped with this week's Nail Art Roulette pairing of "Pink" as my colour story and "Packaging Inspired" as my colour story. Packaging inspired nail art has never been particularly easy for me, it's just not something I tend to take much inspiration from, so I really wasn't sure what I was going to do - I don't even have a lot of products in my collection that have pink packaging. And then one night I was washing my face with the Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser and the lightbulb hit and I just sort of went from there. 

Keep reading for a closer look at what that moment of inspiration wrought!

The most obvious and necessary part of creating nail art based on the Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser packaging was the pairing of the very soft, pale pink and the crisp celery green. I chose the shades in my collection that were the closest I could find to the packaging - Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Petal Pusher, and Essence The Gel Nail Polish in Write On My Chalkboard. 

I decided to keep the gradient to my middle two fingers and flank them with the solid colours since they don't actually ombré on the bottle itself. I also tried to keep the gradient about 2/3 pink and 1/3 green to sort of mimic the proportions of the bottle as best I could. I was actually surprised at how well these two colours blended because I was a little bit worried that I was going to get a brown strip where they met, but it ended up really smooth. 

I took some creative liberties when it came to the stamping, but I think it suits pretty well and draws on the inspiration without being on the nose. The text on the tube is rose gold and I feel like it looks really pretty against both the pink and the green, so I decided to add this sort of lacy rose pattern with Maniology Magic Hour Stamping Polish. 

I finished with a generous coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Clearly Quick and voila!

All Products Used
Sally Hansen - Petal Pusher
Essence - Write On My Chalkboard
Maniology - Magic Hour
Sally Hansen - Clearly Quick
BornPrettyStore BP-L046 Stamping Plate
BornPrettyStore Clear Stamper

I have to say, I'm so, so glad that I got this combination this week because this pairing of pink and green isn't one that I necessarily would have come to otherwise and I just love it. This is actually one of my favorite mani's I've done so far this year and has inspired me to want to play more with colour pairings that I wouldn't necessarily have thought of before. (Could end up a trainwreck....)

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Thanks for reading!

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