REVIEW: e.l.f. Total Face Sponge Duo

by - June 10, 2020

Admittedly, I tend to use my beauty sponges until they're basically falling apart from being jabbed with my fingernails and washed to within and inch of their lives, but they are definitely tools that need to be replaced with more frequency than others. Recently, I did a bit of a sponge cleanout and I knew I wanted to get some new ones and when I saw the elf Total Face Sponge Duo at my local Superstore, I decided I might as well give them a go and see how they fared. Even though I haven't actually been wearing much makeup for the past couple of months, I've been reaching for these sponges every time I have, and I'm ready to let you guys know how they worked out for me. 

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The multi-sided, latex-free sponge features angled sides for an illuminating highlight and rounded sides for flawless blending. The precision point is perfect for concealing imperfections. Works with liquid or powder makeup products.

I have to admit, what initially sold me on these sponges was definitely the colour. I mean, really, I just couldn't resist the gorgeous cranberry colour, proving yet again that I am easily pulled in by aesthetics. That said, I also quite liked the price at $12CAD for the pair and figured it was very much worth giving a try to. But really, it was all about the colour and I am not ashamed - I still really, really love the colour. 

The first thing I noticed about these sponges when I took them out of the packaging is how incredibly soft they are. I have definitely tried out some pretty soft sponges in my time, but these ones are definitely the softest and least dense. For me, that's definitely a plus, but I do think that there are some people who might actually find these a little bit too soft. They also grow IMMENSELY. Like, seriously, along with being the softest sponges I've tried, they're also the largest when wet. 

All of that said, these are definitely the shape that I personally prefer when it comes to a makeup sponge. I like the versatility of having flat, pointed, and rounded surface options for applying my makeup based on both where I'm applying it as well as what works best with different types of products. I actually don't tend to buy the teardrop shaped sponges at all anymore, because my most used surface is definitely the flat one. 

When it comes to actual function, what really sells me on this sponge is that it works beautifully both wet and dry, adding even more versatility to them. Depending on the product, sometimes I do prefer a dry sponge for blending and some sponges I've used in the past that are amazing while wet are pretty much useless when dry, and I find that this one performs just as well either way.

It also blends out my foundation really, really quickly without absorbing too much product. When I use this sponge, I get a really even and well blended application without having to put any work into it. It really is a bouncebouncebounce and you're done type of situation. (This has particularly been appreciated lately, as even on the days I decide to sit down and do my makeup, my mental state is not one where I'm even a little bit interested in having to really work at it. Thanks, 2020!)

Honestly, I think that these sponges are going to be my new go to's and I think that when it comes to what I personally prefer in a sponge they really do hit all of the boxes. That being said, I know these won't be for everyone so I do hope that you'll take the details into account if you're thinking about picking them up. Like I said, they're incredibly soft and absolutely massive when wet, which I think will either thrill you or turn you off completely. 

This duo is widely available here in Canada now at Superstore, Walmart, and London Drugs, as well as online directly from the elf website

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