NAIL ART: Shifting Fall Leaves Flakie Nails

by - September 16, 2020

I'm such a fiend for green nail polish - which I realize makes me a little bit weird since that doesn't tend to be a shade that a lot of people gravitate towards. For a long time, finding green polish at all was pretty tricky, but finding interesting and varied shades of green nail polish was almost impossible. Enter indie polish, and particularly Dimension Nails, who make my absolute favorite green nail polish of all time, Amazonian Manatee*, which you will have seen me use several times in the past year for nail art. Dimension Nails is seriously a brand I think every nail polish lover should take a look at. Their cream formulas are just... incredible. The pigmentation is insane and they apply really smooth and even and and and and. I can't say enough good things about these formulas, seriously. 

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Powered By Plants* is a really unique sort of grassy, yellow based chlorophyll sort of green shade. The formula, like all of the other Dimension Nails polishes I've tried, is stunning with one coat full coverage and a really smooth, even application. Seriously, if you're a fan of creme polishes, I highly recommend checking out this brand because their formula is absolutely one of the absolute best, in my experience. For this mani, I did apply two coats of Powered By Plants as my base, more for the added volume than any coverage necessity, and I let them dry completely before moving on. 

I really wanted to add flakies to this base because the texture and dimension that flakies give felt perfect for leaves. I went with the Nail Flakes in Copper Flame* because the green to copper shift of them felt very much like changing leaves in the beginning of fall. To adhere the flakies, I applied a thin coat of sticky base coat and let it dry down for about a minute. I like to use a stamper to apply flakies because I find that it's less likely to displace the base polish if it hasn't completely dried and I don't have to mess around with getting the flakies smooth on the nail if I make sure to really smooth it out on the stamper head. I have a stamper that I use specifically for applying flakies because they do tend to make your stamper head a little bit cloudy, so be warned of that.

Once the flakies were applied, I went in with the stamping. I love this image from WhatsUpNails B010 Texture Me Nature and I think it makes an amazing mani when applied to all of the nails. I used Whats Up Nails Neither Noir Stamping Polish and their Magnified Clear Stamper to apply my stamping. 

To finish, I first applied a coat of water based top coat to seal in my stamping and then followed with a coat of glossy top coat to add shine. And voila!

All Products Used
Dimension Nails - Powered By Plants*
What's Up Nails Stamping Polish - Neither Noir
Suncoat Water Based Top Coat
Starrily Antimatter All Purpose Gloss* Copper Flame Nail Flakes*
What's Up Nails B010 Texture Me Nature Stamping Plate Clear Stamper*
What's Up Nails Magnified Clear Stamper

This is one of those times that the result on the nails turned out exactly the way I pictured it. i love the pairing of this base polish with these flakies, I think it really gives a cool texture and a really bold colour. If you haven't tried out this type of iridescent flake, I definitely recommend it, it really amps up any base colour and because they're shifty they're really versatile depending on what you apply them over. 

If you're interested in trying out the Nail Flakes or the Dimension Nails polishes, they're both available from and you can feel free to use my affiliate code TRYSH for 10% off your order! As of posting this, NailStuff is having an end of season sale right now and you CAN use my code for that extra 10% off already discounted items!

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