NAIL POLISH: ASP Long Wear Nail Polish Swatch & Review

by - September 25, 2020

One great thing about getting to review products is that there are times that I get to try out things that I never would have thought to try. In fact, there have been a few times that I've straight up fallen in love with something that I've walked by dozens of times in stores before. When I got the opportunity to try out ASP Long Wear Nail Polish*, I was crossing my fingers that this would be one of those situations. Though I've used and loved a few of the ASP Gel Polishes, I hadn't even pulled the trigger on picking up any of their lacquers from my local Sally, so I was eager to try them and optimistic about the formulas. 

So, how did they work out? Keep reading for more!

The ASP Long Wear Polish line contains 28 really wearable shades, of which I got to try out 10 in a few different finishes. You'll notice that I went with the more mauve/nude/fall sort of shade spectrum, but I think that overall the shade selection that ASP offers really hits all of those classic nail polish notes but in a way that feels modern and contemporary. (I hope I'm making sense...)

This line is cruelty free and has a 10 free formula, which means that it doesn't contain 10 of the dangerous ingredients that can be found in nail polish formulas. It promises "triple pigmentation" coverage with a luminous shine. It also has a phenomenal flat, contoured brush that makes a crisp application really easy. So far so good, right?

Let's get into the swatches and I'll tell you how each of the shades performed for me!

**All swatches are 2 coats without topcoat unless otherwise noted.

ASP Long Wear Polish in Café Ole*
In my notes, I described this as a pale peachy pink crelly with subtle shimmer. I actually had a little bit of trouble with this one the first time I applied it but on my second application I applied it a little bit differently and had really great success. On the first coat you're going to find that this one is pretty sheer, but as long as you keep your brush strokes to a minimum you're going to end up with a surprisingly even and streak free application. On the second coat, it wasn't quite fullfullfull coverage, but it was the kind of coverage that I personally really like from this type of formula and shade and I left it at that. It's a really even formula, with a little bit of that crelly squishiness, and I think this will be a really, really widely flattering shade because of that peachy tone that I think works with both warm and cool skin tones. Definitely work appropriate and easy to wear. 

ASP Long Wear Polish in Can't Help You*
I described this one as a berry brown créme and I stand by that. This shade is really like a marriage between red and brown with just the right amount of each. It's also a tone that can look different depending on the light, moving between looking more red and more brown, and in some lights it even looks almost purple. This was a really dreamy application for me. It was opaque in two coats, really easy to apply and self leveling with a nice shine once it was dry. Love this polish, love this shade.  

ASP Long Wear Polish in Dark Storm*
I described this as a deep, cool toned grey créme shade, but to be more accurate I would that it's a dark and smoky grey shade with a hint of teal. I think this could be a one coat polish, though I would recommend going for two thinner coats over one thicker one, which is what I did for this swatch. The first coat was super pigmented and almost opaque and then that second coat really gave me the opaque coverage with a really smooth, level dry down and a lot of shine. I love this shade and I think it has a really sophisticated feel to it. 

ASP Long Wear Polish in Day Dream*
This polish was probably the biggest surprise for me. I described it as green to purple duochrome metallic. I was expecting this one to be pretty sheer, as these types of polishes can tend to be, but I actually found that the coverage was really, really solid. The first coat was still pretty sheer, but less so than I expected and I think I could have gotten away with only two coats, because I got pretty good coverage on that second coat, but I decided to go with three for that little bit of added richness as well as the opportunity to really make sure that my brush strokes with straight and smooth - and that actually was really easy to go with this polish. In the end, I absolutely loved the look that it gave on the nails and just how strong the duochrome was. I honestly sort of thought I wasn't going to love this one, but it really is among my favorites that I tried from this range. 

ASP Long Wear Polish in Frosted Caviar*
I described this as a berry brown with a strong gold shimmer and I hold to that, even though it's pulling much less of that berry tone in the pictures. I absolutely loved this shade in the bottle, but I wasn't really sure how I would feel about it on the nails - but I really needn't have worried. This probably had my favorite application of all of the ones I tried, with two coat full coverage and a really stunning finish. This is one of that polishes that has brush strokes that become more subtle as it dries, though as you can see they're still somewhat visible, but I really think it works in this polish. Like I said, it had a really easy, smooth application and dried down with a really pretty shine. Love, love, love this shade and highly recommend. 

ASP Long Wear Polish in Grey Vs. Gray*
I described this shade as a warm, soft grey with a really subtle shimmer. This is another 2 coater for me and I found that on that second coat I was really impressed with how rich and saturated the colour is, especially for being such a soft shade. It was overall a pretty smooth application, though I will say that I recommend not fussing around too much with these polishes and do as few strokes as possible so that they can level themselves more easily. My favorite thing about this polish is actually that shimmer, which ends up coming off more as a glow. It's such a pretty look and brings something special to what some might call a concrete grey shade. 

ASP Long Wear Polish in Not Again*
I described this one as a peachy beige nude créme, but I would say that you could also call it a peachy camel shade. Again, like the rest of the créme shades from ASP, this had a really easy, smooth application with 2 coat coverage. What really impresses me about this one is that I think it might be the most universal "nude" polish that I've ever seen and I really think it would looking stunning on just about anyone, from very light to very deep skin tones, because it's not TOO light and it has that dustiness to it that I think just looks gorgeous on just about anyone. I love this shade and it would probably be the one I would default to often if I had to wear "work appropriate" polish for my job. 

ASP Long Wear Polish in Taupe To Me*
I described this polish as an ashy brown taupe créme shade. Again, it was an amazing formula that had a really easy application, 2 coat full coverage, and dried down to a shiny, even finish. (I think I might end up being a bit of a broken record with these créme formulas...) What I love about this is that it's unlike any other shade in my collection. It's distinctly a brown taupe and it has that ashy undertone that I think makes it feel very modern and also really makes it a universally flattering shade, in my opinion. Love this one. 

ASP Long Wear Polish in Whisper*
I described this shade as a smoky mauve créme. I have to admit, this is the type of shade that I pretty much exclusively wore on my nails before I got a little bit more adventurous and started doing nail art. It's got a little bit of depth to it, I'd probably describe as a medium tone, and while I'd say it lives in the pink family it's definitely got that cool toned, slightly ashy undertone that I think keeps it from being a girly sort of pink. Again, this is a gorgeous formula with 2 coat full coverage and a really easy, smooth application, and I really think you can't go wrong. Again, I think this will be a really widely flattering shade and very easy to wear. 

ASP Long Wear Polish in Wink*
I described this as a pale, neutral pink créme. Of the créme shades, I think this was the only one that I had to be careful with my application of. It's still a really solid formula, but because of that very pale base I felt like I had to be a little bit more careful to not use too many brush strokes. On the first coat, it was fairly smooth but a little bit streaky, but on the second coat I did get that same full coverage as the other crémes from this line and it dried down really smooth and shiny. One thing that I was really impressed by was that this wasn't chalky at all, like these very pale pink shades can tend to be, and though there was that bit of streakiness on the first coat it gave me a really beautiful finish in two coats. Would highly recommend this to people who like this kind of very pale pink shade. 

What seeing all these polishes next to each other really drives home for me is that there's a nude/neutral for pretty much anyone in this collection. Whether you like to keep your neutrals really classic with the pink or peachy undertones or you want to use a neutral that's a little bit off the beaten path. Honestly, for me, I think that most of these shades will be really flattering on just about any skin tone, which I love. 

Honestly, I'm so beyond impressed with all of these polishes - even the ones that I really didn't think I was going to be super into - and I'm kind of bummed that I slept on the brand for so long. I really do think that they live up to their promises of premium quality at an affordable price. I didn't get one coat coverage from any of them, but other than the duochrome all of the polishes gave me really easy two coat coverage and they all dried down to a really shiny, beautiful finish. The brushes were also really impressive, cut just perfectly to give me a crisp line at the cuticles. I really love the formula of the base and top coats as well, both of them doing their job really, really well, and drying down quickly. All in all, I think 

ASP Long Wear Polish is available in 28 shades from Sally Beauty Supply and retails for $8.69CAD/$5.99US.

Thanks for reading! 

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