CHRISTMAS NAIL ART: Modern Abstract Christmas Nails

by - December 20, 2020

Hey guys! As I've been doing this marathon of holiday and winter themed nail art, I've been doing my best to also maintain my personal style when it comes to nail art - and when you're deep in a theme that can actually be a little bit difficult. I was starting to get a little bit burnt out and I was looking for some inspiration and stumbled onto one of my own mani's in the Google image search results and had a lightbulb moment inspired by myself. Anyway, this mani came together so smoothly and exactly what I pictured in my head that I couldn't wait to share it!

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Choosing the polishes for this mani was an absolute no brainer because pretty much all of them are favorites in my collection and the types of shades that are Christmasy to me even if they're a little bit of a deviation from classic or traditional. For the base for the two abstract nails, I reached for one of my favorite milky white polishes - Londontown's Princess Awaits. To my middle two nails, I applied two coats of this polish - which doesn't give full coverage but does give a really solid and even base for nail art. For my pointer finger, I applied one coat of Dimension Nails' Amazonian Manatee** (my favorite green créme polish EVER) and to my pinkie I applied two coats of Londontown's Star Moss, both of which I planned to use in my abstract dry brushing design. 

For the drybrushing design, I wanted to stick with mostly those two green shades as a sort of grounding base and then add in some pops of a rich, classic red and soft swipes of shimmery gold. Drybrushing is actually a technique that it took me a long time to get a hang of, but it's also one that you can't really mess up for an abstract design as long as you don't glob on too much polish. For this type of design I like to limit the swipes of my brush and try not to blend the polishes together at all because I want to maintain the sort of paint splashes vibe. For both of the greens and the red, I just used the polish brush from the bottle to apply to the nail, making sure to clean the bulk of the polish off the brush before going in on my nails. For the gold, I wanted it to be more subtle so I use a really fine nail polish brush and just applied a few thin swipes.

For the stamping, I wanted to keep it simple and modern and maintain that abstract vibe, so I reached for the Born Pretty-Christmas-L009 Stamping Plate and chose two images that were quite simple and a little bit delicate to apply to the center of each nail using black stamping polish.

Once I was happy with the overall design, I applied a water based top coat to my middle two nails to seal in the design and then I applied a glossy top coat to all of my nails for shine and strength and voila!

All Products Used
Londontown - Princess Awaits
Londontown - Star Moss
Dimension Nails - Amazonian Manatee**
OPI - A Kiss On The Chic*
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Go For Gold
Whats Up Nails - Neither Noir
Suncoat Water Based Top Coat
BioSculpture Ethos Mirror Top Coat*
Born Pretty-Christmas-L009 Stamping Plate
Whats Up Nails Magnified Clear Stamper Mermaid Nail Art Brush**

** Gifted by - use affiliate code TRYSH for 10% off your order!

I feel like this is a great mani style to do at home for the holidays and pretty much anyone can try it. It's super versatile, you really don't need to add the stamping to get a beautiful design or you could add some pretty hand painting in the center if that's your thing. Like I said, this sort of abstract type of design is a wheelhouse I really like to exist in and these sorts of abstract designs have been very, very on trend this past year. Love it!

We're getting to the end and there's only a few days left until Christmas Eve - Can you believe it? - so be sure to check back every day for more holiday themed (and mostly distinctly Christmas themed at this point) nail art!

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