SWATCH & REVIEW: Sinful Colors Essenchills Collection

by - September 02, 2021

I'm a member of a Sinful Colors fan group on Facebook and it has taught me a few things. The first thing is that fans of Sinful Colors will go to great lengths to complete their collections and get their hands on limited edition or hard to find shades. The second is that here in Canada we don't get even a fraction of the cool stuff that the brand releases. I'm a big fan of Sinful Colors and I think they put out some of the most interesting and unique collections in the drugstore, but as a Canadian I definitely get a little bummed when we don't get the new, exciting releases. That said, the Sinful Colors Essenchills Collection, which is a scented collection that was released in the states earlier this year, has finally come to Canada and I could not resist tracking down every shade and swatching them here for you!

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Sinful Colors Essenchills Nail Polish - Bath Goals
* Milky Bath scent
In my notes, I described this polish as a pale peachy beige with subtle gold or iridescent shimmer and I stand by that. Also, this is probably the most overall surprising shade to me in this collection because I kind of thought it was going to be a dud, but I absolutely love it. The scent is super soft and delicate with a real spa-like feel that really does evoke the sense of smelling like a milky bath. 

As far as the formula is concerned, I was shocked that I managed to get 2 coat opacity with this one because it's so light and it was quite sheer on that first coat. Granted, it might not be fully, fully densely opaque but it's certainly enough opacity for me. There are definitely some brush strokes in the shimmer, but they soften somewhat as the polish dries and it gives a really beautiful, glowy finish. 

I love this one and I will fully admit that I didn't entirely expect to. 

Sinful Colors Essenchills Nail Polish - Beach Vibes
*Ocean Breeze scent
This one showed up a little bit brighter in the photos - in person there's a little bit more of a teal hit to the color and it's a little bit deeper, but I just couldn't quite capture it. When it comes to these sort of blackened blue shades, I feel like there has definitely been some steps up taken in the past couple of years because I have a few other shades very much like this one where it's about as deep as it could be without starting to veer into dirty black territory.

This gives 2 coat full coverage with a really dense pigmentation and saturation and a really solid formula. The scent is definitely in that soft, aquatic type of zone for me and it's fine, but sort of non-exciting. Honestly, I can't say anything bad about this polish and I think that if you're looking for this type of shade, this one is a really, really solid option. For me, it's just a shade that I can think of three dupes of in my collection off the top of my head, so in the context of this collection it's a little boring for me.

Sinful Colors Essenchills Nail Polish - Chamomile Calm
*Chamomile scent
I'm not going to lie... I both love and hate this shade all at the time time. This sort of ashy mustard shade is ugly, I think we can all agree on that, but after applying it I feel like it's the kind of ugly that is weirdly pretty? And also, I think that on a deeper skin tone, this could end up looking insanely cool and chic. On my skintone... it's fine. I think that dash of ashy olive in the undertone really helps to modernize it and make it a little more flattering. 

I was initially a little bit worried about how I'd feel about the scent, but it's actually really soft and kind of pretty. If you hate chamomile, which I sort of do, I think you might be surprised at how non-offensive this scent is. The formula, though, is incredibly impressive. Based on the sheerness of the first coat, I thought it was going to be tricky, but it built to opacity in that second coat and it has this really thin formula that levels beautifully and somehow isn't runny. It's weird and surprising and I kind of love it. 

Sinful Colors Essenchills Nail Polish - Coffee Drip
*Coffee scent
This was, by far, the shade in the collection that I was personally most excited about. It's this really pretty milk chocolate taupe sort of shade with a strong gold shimmer running through it. It reminds me a little bit of Come Closer from the Naughty Nudes collection, but it's definitely a little darker and I think this has a more yellow undertone to it and maybe a little bit more ashiness. I also feel like this one shows brush strokes a bit more in that shimmer. 

The scent on this one is a sort of creamy coffee scent, maybe more latteish, and I think it's really, really lovely. I was kind of worried about how a coffee scented nail polish would be, but I actually really like the scent. The formula on this one is nice, gives solid two coat coverage and applies really smoothly and evenly. Would just recommend being a little extra careful on that second coat to get smooth brush strokes in the finished look. 

Sinful Colors Essenchills Nail Polish - Eucalyptahh
*Eucalyptus scent
YOU GUYS. You guys. This polish is a STUNNER. I would say that this is sort of a pale mint green? Maybe a sage green? A pastel turquoise? Anyway, it's a pale cool toned green shade that is a pretty standard nail color these days, I'd say. I was VERY worried about the smell on this one, but it was actually kind of lovely and spa-ish rather than the Vicks Vaporub that I was expecting, if we're being honest.

Where this polish really stands out, though, is in the formula. This is a super densely pigmented one coat polish that has enough weight to the formula to almost give the feel of two coats even on that one. And, I mean, that could be a bad thing in some formulas, but this one applies and levels really beautifully. Honestly, can not get enough of this one and I can't recommend it enough. 

Sinful Colors Essenchills Nail Polish - Low-Key Lavender
*Lavender scent
I think this is going to be a favorite in this collection for a lot of people and I really, really don't blame anyone for that. In my notes, I described this as an "ashy lavender with a soft, shimmery pink glow" and I think that's about as accurate it gets. There's definitely a little bit of muting out grey to this formula, but it enhances the overall vibe, especially with that lit-from-within shimmer. The smell is nice, distinctly lavender in a way that I think a lot of people will like - and some will almost certainly hate, but I'm into it.

The formula of this one is really, really lovely also. It's got that thinner, lighter weight formula like Chamomile Calm and I found it really surprising. The first coat is quite sheer, but nicely even, and then on that second coat I pretty easily got to opacity and a really beautiful, easy look to the nails. I really, really liked this one in the bottle, but I liked it even more on the nails. 

Sinful Colors Essenchills Nail Polish - Salt Bath Babe
* Himalayan Rock Salt scent
I described this as a warm, ashy peach with subtle shimmer and I think that about sums it up. I wasn't sure how different this was going to look on the nails from Bath Goals, but I would say they are both distinctly different. Also, I think they will play very differently on different skin tones. On me, this is pretty much the exact same color as my skin except with that golden yellow tone and I don't think it's particularly flattering, but I think on other skin tones it could be really stunning. 

I do absolutely love the smell of this - there's a freshness to it that is very soothing and spa like and I can absolutely glean the salt inspiration there even though it wouldn't necessarily be what I would guess if I didn't know that was the intention. As for the formula, this is really nice. I would say that this is a 2-3 coat polish depending on your nail length and how you apply and it applies really smoothly and easily. Honestly, I wish I liked it more on my skin tone because it's a really pretty shade and I like the formula a lot.

Sinful Colors Essenchills Nail Polish - Smoky Palo Santo
*Palo Santo scent
Did I have to google what Palo Santo is? Yes, I did. It's wood. And this masculine woodsy scent is pretty bang on to that. And it's actually really nice, I like it a lot. I would describe this polish as a deep shimmery chocolate brown and honestly I a little bit don't like how it fits into this overall collection even though I do really like the shade. It's a sort of one of these things is not like the others type of vibe, for me. 

That being said, this shade is really, really beautiful and has a great formula. It's definitely strongly packed with that shimmer but because it's a larger particle shimmer than the other shimmers in this collection, there's really no worry at all about brush strokes. It gives solid, really dense full coverage in two coats and the application is really, really smooth, easy and even with this one. As much as I feel like it doesn't necessarily fit in this collection, I absolutely do think it's a gorgeous polish. So. Yeah, get it. 

I think Canada is getting this collection at sort of the perfect time, honestly, because this collection is a really perfect transition from summer into fall, especially when you're in that zone between the bright flambouyance of summer and the deeper, spicier shades that we tend to associate with fall. This collection is sort of the deep breath between those two very specific things.

I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the scents in this collection, but I think they were really smartly curated in a way that is soft and spa-like even though every single one is very much bang on to what they say they are. It's actually kind of surprising for me. 

I know that the Sinful Colors Essenchills Collection has been popping up at Walmart stores here in Canada and is also widely available in the US, and I highly recommend checking them out if you're interested!

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