SWATCH & REVIEW: Sinful Colors Bee Envious Collection

by - August 09, 2022

So here's a little story... Last week I popped into Superstore first thing in the morning to pick up a couple of grocery things before work and I ended up perusing the beauty department and as I began to make my way towards the back of the store to go in the direction of what I was actually there for, I saw one of those free standing displays full of Sinful Colors polishes. In my experience, when those displays pop up is when we here in Canada are about to get something new and (hopefully) good from Sinful and I definitely, definitely was not disappointed on this front. I will admit I'm not actually sure what this collection is called because I can barely find anything out there about it - which is part of why I wanted to share these swatches because this is SUCH A STUNNING COLLECTION and needs to have attention. 

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As I said, I can't really find anything online about this collection, so I'm going to do my best to describe it from my experience with it rather than from their marketing of it. All 6 of the polishes in this collection are themed around bee's and are a jelly formula chalked full of gold and copper flakes to create what they call a "Golden Honey Fleck Effect" that I think is absolutely stunning and makes this whole collection feel more like something you'd see from an indie brand than a mainstream one. Honestly, that's one thing I've always really, really loved about Sinful Colors; they seem to push boundaries and try different types of formulas and finishes more than pretty much any other drugstore or mainstream brand. 

Sinful Colors | Save The Bees
I want to come right out of the gate and tell you guys that this might be my favorite yellow polish that I've ever, ever, ever tried. That being said, this definitely won't be for everyone. I would describe this polish as a bright golden yellow jelly that is packed with gold and copper flakes. I absolutely love the way those flakes show up in this polish because it creates the most beautiful effect. The gold flakes become really, really subtle because they pair so perfectly with the yellow and then you get those little flecks of copper through it. Honestly, there's just something lush about this combination that, for me, feels like it has a ton of depth. 

Like many lighter or brighter jelly polishes, this is one that you're probably not going to be able to build to full opacity. On short nails, you could probably get away with two coats, but on my longer nails I did definitely need three to get a really even coverage and I still had visible nail line in the end, though it was camouflaged quite well. This polish applied really beautifully with really even coats and no streakiness. On that first coat it is definitely sheer, but it builds really smoothly without any streaking or patchiness. I legitimately can't wait to use this one for some nail art. 

Sinful Colors | Honey Child
No one who is familiar with this blog will be surprised that this one is also a huge favorite in this collection for me and one that I'm even considering grabbing a backup of for my collection because I know it's going to get a lot of use. Honey Child is a beautiful milky ivory jelly with gold and copper flakes through it. I am absolutely smitten with how the flakes play in this base because it maintains a real delicacy in the overall vibe. The gold flakes end up feeling really soft and almost airy and then there are those little pops of copper that just sort of warm it up even further.

This is probably the most sheer polish in the collection and is definitely not one that you're going to be able to get opaque. In fact, this is the only polish in the collection that didn't even really camouflage my visible nail line. That said, it did actually do a good job of disguising a bit of damage I did to my natural nail that has left a white spot that I'm currently growing out. Also, it applied really beautifully without any streaks or patchiness. I would say you're probably going to want to do 3 thin coats of this one because that really builds up those flakes and gives you a lot of dimension in the overall look. Love this, will definitely be reaching for it a lot this fall as a nail art base.

Sinful Colors | Amazzzing
I honestly can't look at this shade and think anything other than pink lemonade on a summer afternoon, I swear. I would describe this shade as a light warm pink jelly with gold and copper flakes. I feel like this is the type of shade that will likely be very universally flattering on a wide range of different skin tones. There's just something about this particular shade of pink that I think looks beautiful on just about anyone. I also think that this was a somewhat brilliantly chosen shade for this collection because the warmth of the pink pairs so perfectly with the flakes to create a sort of delicate impact, if that makes any sense at all.

When it comes to the formula, again you're not going to really get to full on opacity with this one, but I think this one does a really good job of camouflaging my visible nail line on that third coat. If you have short nails, I think you could easily get away with two coats on this one, but longer nails I think are really going to need three to get an even coverage over the nail. The formula of this one is very much in line with the rest of the shade I've already talked about - smooth and even without any streaking issues at all. I just... wanna put strawberries and lemons all over this. 

Sinful Colors | She Stings
I'm going back and forth a little on how to describe this one because in the photos it definitely looks more neon, but in person it doesn't have quite that same punch so I'm going to stick with bright. I would definitely describe this as a bright, cool toned berry pink jelly with gold and copper flakes and it is BEAUTIFUL. I actually think this is a bit of a contrast to the rest of the shades in this collection that really lean into that warmth and meld with the flakes. This one does the opposite, creating a really impactful contrast with that warmth to create a more impactful finish.

I would say that other than the darkest shade, this is the closest you're going to get to opacity in this collection. I wouldn't say that on my nails three coats gave me what I would consider full opacity because when I looked closely you could see some visible nail line, but it was so subtle that I think hardly anyone would notice. On shorter nails, you might even be able to get away with two coats on this one depending on how you polish. I definitely think that all of these polishes benefit from the dimension added by doing three thin coats. Again, beautiful formula on this one with a really smooth application. 

Sinful Colors | Busy Being Queen
Obviously this collection needed a polish in it that is basically the exact same shade as honey and this shade did it pretty much perfect. I would describe this shade as a warm slightly caramelized honey yellow jelly with gold and copper flakes. Honestly, this just looks exactly like fresh liquid honey to the point that it almost has movement to it when applied to the nails. Very much like Save The Bees, the way the flakes play in this base color is really beautiful as the gold ones sort of merge with the base and then you have those little pops of copper that add such a beautiful dimension. 

As far as coverage, this one is very much in line with Save The Bees and Amazzzing in that it isn't going to get you to full coverage at three coats but it has a really solid camouflaging effect that helps to minimize the visible nail line. Application on this one was really solid, very much the same as the rest of the shades I've already talked about so far. It's really smooth and even, no streaking or patchiness at all. This is another shade that I know I'm going to be reaching for his fall because it just absolutely screams apple cider to me (and honey, obviously, but apple cider also...)

Sinful Colors | Buzz Off
Now I will say that this polish is definitely the outlier in this collection and is ultimately the one shade that just doesn't really do it for me, though that is likely more subjective than objective there are specific things that make it markedly different from the other 5 shades. I would describe this one as a soft black jelly/crelly with gold and copper flakes through it. On the nails, this ends up pulling more towards a dark brown than black, which I think is probably a combination of the see through nature of the formula as well as the addition of those very warm toned flakes. I also does lose some of the impact that the other shades have because those flakes do disappear somewhat in that dark base.

When it comes to application, there are also some pretty significant differences between this one and the rest of the collection. Though I would say that this is also a 2-3 coater depending on how you polish, this is the only shade in the collection that does get fully opaque. It's also the only polish that I found was a little bit streaky and required you to be a little bit more careful in your application to get everything smooth and even. I assume that the differences are because of the depth, which is so drastically different from the rest of the collection, and I don't think this shade is bad; it just doesn't measure up to the rest of the collection for me. That said, I have a sneaking suspicion that I will really love this mattified, so keep an eye out for some likely nail art using this as my base this fall.  

Overall, I have to say that I really think Sinful Colors nailed it with this collection. The jelly formula with those metallic flakes is seriously beautiful and really does, for me, feel like it could pass for a beautiful indie. If I only saw a swatch, I would probably assume that any one of these polishes came from an indie maker, so I really love that this is available a little more accessibly for people that aren't really able to get their hands on indie polishes. Love. 

I wish that I could give you more information about if and where this collection is going to be available but I really was unable to find anything online. I'm sort of assuming that here in North America this is going to end up being a fall collection, which makes sense, and I know it's been available in Australia for quite a well (probably to line up with their colder season?) I don't know, but I will update this post if I do get more information. For my fellow Canadians, I picked up this collection from Superstore, so I assume that it will likely also be available from Loblaws, and I paid $3.49CAD each. Happy hunting!

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