SWATCH & REVIEW: Bio Sculpture Pride Of Nature Collection

by - September 30, 2022

Over the summer I really, really fell in love with Bio Sculpture's Live Life Loudly Collection and regular readers would have seen those neon polishes pop up several times, so of course I was excited to see what would come next for the brand. Color me even more surprised and incredibly excited when they announced that their fall collection would be in celebration of their 25th Anniversary and it would be an entire collection dedicated to the beauty of Canada. Absolutely could not wait to try out the brand spankin' Bio Sculpture Pride Of Nature Collection for Fall 2022* and share it with you all. It really, really is right up my alley in all the best ways!

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"In celebration of Bio Sculpture Canada's 25th Anniversary the 8-colour Pride of nature collection is inspired by natural phenomena found in Canada, ranging from lake Louise to the Golden fall carpet of the Boreal forest."

If you're unfamiliar with Bio Sculpture Canada, they are a salon brand of polish and they do both gel polish as well as their traditional polish, which is what I'm swatching today. There is a silver magnetic polish called Icebergs in this collection that is only available in their gel polish formula, and it also looks absolutely stunning from the photos on their site but obviously it won't be included in these swatches. 

In my experience thus far, the Bio Sculpture Gemini Polish formula has been consistently really, really beautiful across the board and I love that they maintain a focus on protecting and nourishing the nails as well as maintaining and pushing for even more sustainability - a huge plus from where I'm stamping.  I was particularly excited for this collection because as a very proud Canadian girl I was super excited to experience an entire collection inspired by the natural beauty of this country. 

So let's just get to the swatches, shall we?

*Unless otherwise stated, all of the following swatches are 2 coats, no top coat.*

BioSculpture Gemini Polish Pride Of Nature Collection (Fall 2022)
SHADE: Island Clay ~ A red-brown clay blend with a golden undertone inspired by the rusty hues of Prince Edward Island.

In my notes I described Island Clay as a burnt pumpkin orange créme, but as I actually take the time to consider the name the idea of red clay definitely just makes a lot more sense. This is a beautiful, beautiful formula, I must say. It's definitely a thinner but still creamy consistency that applies smoothly and with a really even coverage. On the first coat, it's a teensy bit streaky and sheer, but it really easily builds to opacity on that second coat and dries down quickly with a really beautiful shine. Gorgeous!

BioSculpture Gemini Polish Pride Of Nature Collection (Fall 2022)
SHADE: Golden Fall ~ A fashionable mustard with shades of brown, black and red to mimic the winter coat of Canada's boreal forests.

I described this shade as a sort of warm honey mustard yellow and I definitely stand by that. It definitely lives in the mustard family, but it's much more of a golden mustard than some others in my collection, especially on that second coat. Again, this one is a two coater for sure and it applies really beautifully and smoothly with just a teensy bit of streakiness on that first coat and then full coverage on the second coat. In my notes I also indicated that it sort of reminded me of a Werther's caramel at full coverage, which I had to share because.. this is the random way my mind works.

BioSculpture Gemini Polish Pride Of Nature Collection (Fall 2022)
SHADE: Spectrolite* ~ A shimmering, dark and iridescent colour with a black setting to enhance the blue-green shades inspired by mystical Labradorite stone.

With the rest of these shades being créme formulas, Spectrolite definitely stands out (and is pretty difficult to really capture in photos, if we're being honest.) I described this as a blackened jelly base with full coverage glitters in my notes, but at the end of the day I would actually say that calling this a full coverage blackened teal glitter with some scattered holo would be a more accurate way to phrase it. This is definitely a bit of a chunkier, thick formula but it does actually still apply really evenly and lays down the glitters flat on the nail. It has two coat full coverage and there weren't any issues for me with patchiness or lumps. I will say, though, that this does dry down quite matte and definitely has some texture, but if you did want to add shine I would say that a thicker top coat or a glitter smoothing top coat should be able to handle it easily. 

BioSculpture Gemini Polish Pride Of Nature Collection (Fall 2022)
SHADE: Lake Louise* A calm turquoise, reflecting gentle hues of blues and greens that carry peacefulness and tranquility associated with these shades. 

This polish is what I would consider to be a sort of true teal shade. It definitely doesn't lean too green and the depth is just right for what I think a true teal should be. Like the other crémes I've mentioned so far, it has a gorgeous, smooth formula and gives really easy two coat coverage. I would say, though, that this one might be a little more even in pigment on that first coat and if you polish a little bit heavier you could probably easily get away with one coat of this one. Being that Lake Louise is one of my personal favorite places in Canada ever since I was a kid, I'm really, really glad I love this polish as much as I do!

BioSculpture Gemini Polish Pride Of Nature Collection (Fall 2022)
SHADE: Oyster Shell*A distinctive warm grey that stands out with a khaki undertone.

Recently I've been having a bit of a moment with grey polishes and I really, really like this one. In my notes I described it as a soft warm grey créme and I definitely stand by that. While I don't think it has enough warmth to consider it a taupe, I definitely feel like it's about as warm as a grey can get before it gets to taupe, if that makes sense. Again, I might sound like a broken record but this formula is gorgeous with a really smooth, even coverage and two coat coverage. 

BioSculpture Gemini Polish Pride Of Nature Collection (Fall 2022)
SHADE: Seafoam*A soft peachy white colour that brings winter shades together. This classic neutral is inspired by Bay of Fundy seafoam.

As a notorious hater of a white créme polish, I was intrigued and suspicious when I saw this in the collection, but I definitely had high hopes and I think it met them. In my notes I described this as a soft warm off white créme and I definitely think that's accurate. It's definitely what I would consider a white... but also not quite a white? A little streaky on the first coat and not quite opaque on the second, this was the only three coat polish in the collection for me. That said, I don't think it was anywhere near as tricky to work with as most other white crémes, which I chalk up to this really smooth, even formula along with the fact that it isn't a stark white shade. This will likely be my go to white base for nail art in the future, I think. Very impressed. 

BioSculpture Gemini Polish Pride Of Nature Collection (Fall 2022)
SHADE: Sakura Blossoms*Drawing inspiration from sakura blossoms, a light pink with hints of white and red to lighten up a cold winter's day. 

Finally, we have Sakura Blossoms, which in my notes I described as a medium cool toned pink that reminded me of a sort of grown up bubblegum shade. Now, I'm not much of a pink girlie myself, but I do think this is a really gorgeous one - that does read a little bit cooler in person than it did in this photo for some reason. I did find the formula on this one a hair thicker in consistency than the rest of the crémes in this collection, but it was still a really smooth, easy to apply two coater with a really shiny finish. 

Ahhhh I just love this collection so very much. The combination of this color story, which doesn't have a dud in it in my opinion, and this formula definitely has me very, very inspired to create nail art using these polishes. I'm not sure they'll pop up until after the Halloween season, but they will definitely pop up!

For more info on Bio Sculpture products, be sure to check out their website and if you're interested in trying out these or any of the other gorgeous shades in the Bio Sculpture Gemini Nourishing Nail Polish line, they are available online at Iris Body & Beauty and they retail for $20.50 each.

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