HALLOWEEN NAIL ART: Minimalist Frankenstein Stitches Nails

by - October 20, 2023

I definitely went into this year's marathon of Halloween nail art with very specific intentions of doing some more minimalist designs, since I have a tendency to go full on kitchen sink when I have a theme in front of me. For this mani, specifically, I kept it really, really simple with a simple créme + flakie topper base along with one stamping image repeated across the entire hand. And I LOVE IT. Seriously, this mani definitely reminded me just how much simple can work when done right. 

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The amount of time I spent pulling every green and teal polish out of my collection find just the right shade for this base is actually kind of silly, but I think I settled on the right one. For the Frankenstein of it all, I wanted to go with a more cartoony shade so rather than choosing a more yellow leaning green, I went in the other direction with this more teal/turquoise shade from OPI. I applied two coats of Verde Nice To Meet You to all of my nails.

I then decided that I wanted to add a flakie topper and bring in a bit more texture so that it didn't end up looking too plain, so I grabbed for the new Sally Hansen Moonlit Top Coat, which is a really densely packed flakie topper that looks quite golden in the bottle but gives this gorgeous iridescent look on the nails. 

As I said above, I really, really wanted to keep this mani incredibly simple, so I decided the only nail art would be the stitches image from the Manitude x Pretty Creepy Stamping Plate. While this also would have been a great opportunity for hand painting, whenever there's an opportunity to use stamping to create the design, that's the option I'm going to choose. I applied a single set of stitches to my outer nails and then went with three sets on my middle finger and two on my ring, placing them at opposing angles to get as much interest as possible in the minimalist design.

Once I was happy with my mani, I sealed everything in with a nail art top coat and then followed with a glossy top coat for shine and volume. And voila!

All Products Used
OPI - Verde Nice To Meet You*
Sally Hansen - Moonlit Top Coat
Whats Up Nails - Neither Noir*
Apipila Smudge Free Top Coat
Vibrant Scents Fast & Hard Top Coat
Manitude x Pretty Creepy Stamping Plate
Pueen Transparent Soft Stamper*

* = PR Sample

For such a simple mani and one that is somewhat outside my usual wheelhouse, this actually quickly became one of my favorites as soon as it was finished. I definitely think that there's something to be said for keeping it simple and minimalist sometimes, even though I'm still a huge fan of the kitchen sink.

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