CHRISTMAS NAIL ART: Soft & Twinkly Reflective Snowflake Nails

by - December 02, 2023

Sometimes I will have a polish in my collection for quite a while before I get around to using it. There can be a lot of reasons for this, but oftentimes I'm just waiting for the perfect opportunity to you it. Months ago now, the people over at Born Pretty sent me this absolutely beautiful reflective holo glitter gel polish that I fell pretty in love with almost immediately, but I kept struggling to figure out how I wanted to use it until I had the lightbulb for this particular mani. It's very, very simple, but I think that's what makes it shine. 

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Because I wanted to keep this design really, really soft and allow the glitter polish to be the star, I decided to start with a sheer base. I went for the Born Pretty Rubber Base Coat in RGB07, which is a milky, slightly pink shade. This base maintains a sheer look while adding just enough camouflage and haziness to disguise any imperfections on the nail base and soften the look of my visible nail line. Love that!

I started by applying one coat of the Rubber Base Coat before moving onto the nail art. 

Like I said, I wanted to keep the design for this mani really soft and simple, so I decided to go with swooping color blocks that remind me a bit of a yin yang. I started by outlining color block using a nail art brush and then carefully filled in the area. After curing the first layer, I went in and added a bit more polish to any spots that looked a little bit sheer and cured again.

Next, I obviously had to add some wintery elements, so I grabbed for some nail stickers. I don't use nail stickers very often, but when I do it's pretty much always paired with gel polish. I applied 1-2 snowflake stickers to each nail, smoothing them down with a silicone tool. 

I finished with a generous layer of gel top coat for shine and a smooth, mostly even finish. 

All Products Used
Born Pretty Rubber Base Coat - RBG07
Born Pretty Reflective Glitter Gel - FBS04*
Born Pretty Super Gel Top Coat* Snowflake Nail Stickers* Nail Art Brush* Angled Silicone Tool*

* = PR Sample
Born Pretty Affiliate code TRYSH10 for 10% off. Affiliate code TRYSH for 10% off first order.

When I first finished this design, I wasn't entirely sure I loved it, but the longer I looked at it, the more I loved the final look. It's twinkly and soft and, for me, feels perfect for both a holiday party or just curling up at home with family, hot beverages, and cozy blankets. I don't know about you, but the latter is definitely much more common for me at this time of year!

Check back every weekday in December for new Holiday/Christmas themed nails and be sure to head over to @pblnails for video tutorials for every single one of the designs I post here. And who knows, maybe some bonus mani's as well!

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