UNBOXING: Julep Maven September 2014

by - September 18, 2014

As I'm sure I mentioned in my last Julep unboxing (which was actually quite some time ago, as I've taken to skipping lately) I believe I said that I was going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to stick with the service. With the jump in price, the issues with shipping these days, and the fact that I already own a shameful amount of nail polish, it would probably be prudent to stop. That said, I just decided to take a little break, hold onto my skip privileges, and see what happens. However, this month there were 2 reasons not to skip. The first, of course, was lippies. To be specific, chubby stick formula lippies, which are one of my greatest loves. The second was that I had enough Jules saved up that I mostly covered this using those. Mostly. And I'm must say that I'm mostly happy. Mostly.

Keep reading to take a closer look.

For September, Julep offered the Girl On The Go Box and it pretty much had me at hello. For the same price as the rest of the boxes, this box offered a Dry Clean Invisible Dry Shampoo, Freedom Polymer Top Coat, Elixir Organic Argan Oil, and a mystery polish. Now, if they had included one of the lippies instead of a nail polish, my choosing would have been a lot quicker, but I still went with this in the end because it had things that I already love (Elixir!) and things that I've been wanting to try (Dry Shampoo!). Of course, I had to go ahead and add on 2 of the lippies as well, in the nude shade and the deep berry shade, just for good measure. I mean, how can you choose between a nude and a berry? And how can you leave the lippies behind?

1. JULEP Dry Clean Invisible Dry Shampoo
"You want 20 more minutes of sleep. Your hair wants a break from the blow dryer. This lightweight spray-on powder absorbs oil, adds body, and leaves no residue. Enjoy fresh, voluminous locks and an extra snooze cycle or two."
Anyone who knows me knows I'm basically on a mission to try all of the dry shampoos in the world. I feel like I'm going to have to do a post on all the ones I've tried sometime in the near future, if only to justify buying so many. I'm going to be a good girl and resist trying this out until I've used up some of the other dry shampoo I have on the go (Eva Nyc, Batiste, Aveeno!) but look for a review once I get to this one!

2. JULEP Freedom Polymer Top Coat
"This top coat smooths over brush strokes and imperfections while creating a shiny, gel-like finish. It goes on as easily as it comes off—it dries in just five minutes and can be removed with any nail polish remover."

Miraculous, I've never tried this before. Considering the number of Julep polishes I own, that seems to be a completely insane fact but it's true. Now, don't get me wrong, I've always wanted to but it was never offered in a box I wanted and I never managed to snag it in a mystery box. BUT FINALLY IT IS MINE. Ahem. I'm looking forward to trying it out, since I've heard seriously mixed reviews on it.

3. JULEP Nail Color in Kendra
"Army green frost."

So. I got this polish. Eh. I really do kinda wish that I'd been able to choose my own polish to add to this box. Wouldn't that have been great, if they had given you the option of choosing one of this month's polishes? Guess that would be too much to ask. Anyway, I have at least 3 polishes like this and it's really dark, which I'm getting away from these days. But it's fine. I might give it away. 

4. JULEP Elixir Organic Moroccan Argan Oil
"Julep Elixir 100% Organic Argan Oil is a phenomenal multi-purpose, lightweight natural oil that just brings out the glow in your skin, hair and nails. Women in Morocco have used Argan oil for generations to achieve more youthful, healthy skin."

I actually already have a bottle of this that I haven't worked my way through yet, but I absolutely love argan oil as a winter moisturizing product since I tend to get so insanely dry in the colder months. Trust me, while there are things to be said for a dry cold, it's brutal on the skin, hair and nails. So. Yeah. I already know that I like this and I will definitely get a good amount of use out of it.

5. JULEP Plush Pout Lip Crayon in Almond Nude Créme
6. JULEP Plush Pout Lip Crayon in Magenta Plum Créme
"A full-coverage lip crayon with a moisturizing treatment core in the middle."

First off...these are much smaller than I thought that they would be. Granted, I'm not really complaining since I don't actually remember the last time I finished a lip product. My absolute first impression of these is that they are absolutely gorgeous. I wasn't actually expecting the moisturizing core to them and when I saw it I was afraid it was going to mess with the pigmentation, but these babies have colour to spare. I'm telling you. The nude shade definitely leans more beige than pink, but I find that I don't mind that so much. And the berry shade is... stunning. It's deep and bright and packs a hell of a lot of punch. I can't wait to start getting some good use out of these two.


I have to say that I'm fairly happy with this month's box, although I'm distinctly disappointed in the bonus nail polish that I received. It's minor and I'm sure that someone I know will get some good use of it when I give it to them... so brightsides! More and more I'm being drawn away from Julep nail polishes in favor of their beauty products - most of which have really been impressing me, so I think I'll keep my Maven subscription just to see what kinds of  new things they're going to come out with every month. So far, so impressed.

If you're interested in signing up to be a Julep Maven, CLICK HERE and use the code FREECITY to get your first Maven box FREE! If you love makeup and beauty, this is a  great brand to really take a look at.

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  1. I'd love to hear your reviews on the dry shampoo. I am also out to try as many brands as possible. And I got the pink lip crayon but wish I'd picked the berry, it's gorgeous!

    1. I'm definitely going to review the dry shampoo as soon as I start using it, which should be soon since I'm getting to the bottom of my Eva NYC one. I seriously can't wait! I'm completely in love with both of these lip crayons, but the berry one is definitely the stand out. The pigmentation is insane and it's crazy flattering!