REVIEW: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 660 Berry Haute

by - September 23, 2014

It seems like 2014, for me, has been the year of the purple lipstick. Actually, I kind of feel like it's been the year of lipstick for me, if only because in the past I've been pretty narrow in the colour choices for my lip products and this year has just exploded with different, more vibrant choices. In fact, I think that when the end of the year comes and I'm narrowing down my 2014 favorites, I might have to do it by colour category because there CANNOT only be one. So let's look at another lipstick that I never would have touched before 2014.

Another Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick? Yes, my friends, another one. I've actually been saving this review for fall, because I feel like this is one of those absolutely perfect shades for cooler weather. In fact, I think it might even get better the colder the weather gets. So. Let's look closer, shall we?

In truth, I probably wouldn't have picked this lipstick up if it A) hadn't been on sale, and B) wasn't listed on so many Internet favorite lists. It's said that this is a dupe for MAC's Up The Amp. Of course, I don't own Up The Amp so I can't speak to that myself, but I do know that it's a pretty damn popular colour. And, really, I can see why. But more about the colour below.

This formula is very typical for the Revlon Super Lustrous créme lipsticks, which for me is a pretty big win. It's not at all heavy and it applies smoothly with really consistent pigmentation. I don't think that I'd say it's long wearing, but I've never been the right person to judge typical wear time. I will say, though, that this wears quite nicely even on the lip smacker herself. Me, that is. I dubbed myself the lip smacker because... why not, right? Anyway, it's smooth and creamy with good pigmentation. It wears evenly on the lips and I never find that I end up with patches or ring around the lipsies. Another new term, let's not judge.

We've been over this, but I still do really like the packaging for the Revlon lipsticks. I feel like it's classic (which is probably owing directly to the fact that it IS classic) and even though I don't tend to love any kind of gold packaging I feel like this is so iconic that you can't hate it. I mean, you could, but you shouldn't.  I have a pretty strong appreciation for things that endure. When it comes to the world of cosmetics, which has grown so exponentially even in my lifetime and where we're like crows to the things that are shiny any new, you have to appreciate that these are still some of the best lipsticks in the drugstore and never go out of fashion even without a rebranding of the packaging. Classic. Love it.

Can you look at that colour and tell me it's not beautiful? I'm terrible at describing colours for the most part, but I would say that this is a mid-toned purple berry shade. It's got a good amount of punch to it, but it's actually really wearable. You can keep it subtle or build it up to your liking, really. Another thing that I love about this lipstick is that I feel it's actually really universal. One thing that I've really noticed with purple lipsticks, especially those that lean cooler with more blue tones, that they tend to be more flattering on deeper skintones and can look pretty rough on fair skin. This one, however, looks good on every skintone I've seen it on, from very fair to very deep.

I definitely recommend this lipstick and would even go so far as to put it in my Top 5 Revlon lippies... which is a tough list to get on when you own and love as many Revlon lip products as I do. If you're looking for a wearable purple lipstick in the drugstore, this would work for everyone.

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