by - September 17, 2014

Generally, when I see new Limited Edition Wet N Wild releases online, I resign myself to the fact that they will never be available where I live and ordering them on eBay will take away that whole affordability draw away from the product. Sure, once or twice I've managed to track down a limited edition palette, but I haven't found any local stores that have them consistently. Cry. Anyway, I popped into my favorite (and sadly rarely visited) Rexall over the weekend and 'LO AND BEHOLD, they had the small display of these eye shadows and a mascara that never really pinged my radar. A part of me wanted to buy them all.... because I'm a sucker for both Limited Edition and Wet N Wild eyeshadows. Anyway, I reigned myself in and bought the two that really jumped out at me.

Keep reading for my thoughts...

Both of the palettes that I picked up are distinctly rosy toned. The internets have also informed me that the two of them put together do a pretty good job of duping the Urban Decay NAKED 3 palette. I don't actually own that palette, so I can't speak to that, but I definitely can see how that would make sense. In fact, I'm wondering if perhaps that was somewhat intentional on the part of Wet N Wild. They've done palettes in the past that have done a pretty good job of duping other UD palettes and it seems a little funny that they would have 2 rosy toned palettes in one LE collection. I'm not mad at it.

Let's take a closer look at each palette...

Smoke And Melrose Limited Edition 5 Pan Palette

The Smoke And Melrose palette is definitely the warmer of the two palettes and I feel like this one has the better texture and pigmentation of the two. Like other Wet N Wild palettes, this has each shade marked as an easy way to use it for beginners (though sometimes I feel like those looks would look completely insane... but that's just me). I actually really love this palette and I feel like you could actually get a good variety of looks from it.

Browbone: A matte, midtoned rosy taupe shade. Creamy and beautifully pigmented.
Base: A satin, pale nude pink shade. Creamy and soft with good pigmentation.
Eyelid: A midtoned brown taupe shade with subtle pink shimmer. Gorgeous texture and pigmentation.
Crease: A shimmery rose gold shade that leans a little more gold than rose. Soft with decent pigmentation.
Definer: A shimmery brown burgundy shade. Gorgeous, deep pigment and soft texture.

Overall, there's not a real dud in this palette. All of the shadows are smooth and creamy and the pigmentation ranges from being good to being beautiful. If you can find it and this is your cup of tea shade wise, I would highly recommend picking this up.

Melrose At Night Limited Edition 5 Pan Palette

This is a much cooler rose toned palette that actually makes a nice contrasting pair to the other palette. I will say that the shades in this palette are a little more hit and miss when it comes to pigmentation, but my favorite shade of both of these palettes exists in this one. Honestly, this definitely isn't my favorite Wet N Wild palette, but I'm still glad I bought it.

Browbone: Pale cool taupe matte shade. Smooth texture with decent, buildable pigmentation.
Base: Slightly golden champagne shimmer. A little bit powdery with passable pigmentation.
Eyelid: Warm midtoned brown satin with subtle shimmer. Beautiful texture and pigment.
Crease: Cool mid/pale pink shimmer. Disappointing pigmentation with a powdery patchy texture.
Definer: Black cherry glitter shade. Disappointing pigmentation with a patchy texture.

As you can see, this palette isn't nearly as good as far as pigmentation and texture are concerned and there are a couple of real dud shades that I will probably never use. Also, I'm so bored with this disappointing black cherry shades. For once, I wish I could find a really good version of this shade that you see so often and rarely done well. However, the Brownbone and Eyelid shades are so completely gorgeous to me that I can definitely see myself pulling this one out a fair bit just for those two.


I'm really glad that I found this display and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to make a point to pop into that particular Rexall whenever I'm looking for new Limited Edition Wet N Wild collections, just in case. I'm happy that I bought both of these, even though there were some definite disappointments. All in all, I feel like Wet N Wild is back on track for the most part with their shadows after the distinctly disappointing initial release of the permanent 5 pans, which definitely didn't live up to the quality of the ColorIcon shades we'd come to know and love.

Anyone else pick these up? Thoughts?

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