REVIEW: NIVEA Smooth Replenishing In-Shower Body Lotion

by - February 26, 2015

I have to admit... I've been a little bit obsessed with NIVEA this past month. Considering it's been such a dry month here on the prairies, it's not surprising that I would default to the one brand that I feel like I can always count on to really hit my skin with next level moisture. NIVEA is one of those iconic brands that has been around forever. I remember that navy blue tub of cream from when I was a kid, though I don't think I could tell you who exactly used it. Anyway, I stalked this product when I heard that it was coming out, dying to get my hands on it after seeing some really good reviews from various bloggers who had received press samples. I managed to find one lonely bottle in Walmart, discarded in an aisle where it didn't belong, and it went directly into my cart. I've been using this in every shower for nearly the last month and I am definitely ready to give my review.

Keep reading for my thoughts on this product!

From Nivea
  • Conveniently moisturize your skin in the shower: Apply after washing and rinse off
  • The lotion, with Shea Butter, is formulated to be quickly and effectively absorbed by wet skin
  • Moisturize instantly with no sticky feel - No need to wait for the lotion to absorb into your skin
  • Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized for 24hr+

I have a feeling that body conditioners are going to become the next big thing in bath & body care, because it's really been a long time coming. The way this product works is that you apply it at the end of your shower, after you've cleansed your body. I like to rub it into my skin starting with my arms and moving down my body and then rinse it all at once. It's kind of a strange product, because it might feel like it really hasn't done anything while your body is still wet, but I find that once I get out of the shower my skin feels moisturized and doesn't have that tight feeling that I usually get after a shower - winter or summer, really.

I have every intention of getting my boyfriend to try out this product, since he showers absolutely every day, struggles with dry skin, and is pretty terrible about regularly applying lotion. Honestly, I feel like this is a pretty perfect product for men because it's simple, they can do it in the shower, and it doesn't have a feminine, perfumed scent to it. It might take a little work for those of us who have partners who are, shall we say, product averse, but I think it's a much easier hurdle than traditional body lotion.

My overall thoughts on this product are... that I love it! I mean, I really love it. I feel like this is a bit of a shower game changer for me because I've always struggled with dry skin after the shower and this leaves my skin feeling supple and soft without any tightness or dryness. I wouldn't say that this completely replaces other body lotions, especially if you're like me and don't shower every day, but this definitely does the trick so that you don't have to do that yucky step of applying body lotion to damp skin - which is one step that I have always absolutely hated. With this product, I don't have to wait to get dressed or fuss with extra steps after I get out of the shower. 

Anyway, I highly recommend trying this out for yourself. It's a highly affordable drugstore product that I think pretty much everyone could get good results from. I have every intention of picking up a couple more bottles of this, perhaps trying out the one that contains Almond Oil and is intended for very dry skin... because Almond Oil. You know me....

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