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I feel like 3 months into 2015 I'm doing pretty well on my determination to finish more products in my collection. It's occurred to me that I don't like to use things up, especially if I really like them, so it's taking a concentrated effort and a lot of determination to make myself do it. That said, I think I did pretty good this month... and two days into April and I'm already on track to doing quite well this month as well. So. Score! Anyway, let's just stop all this adieu and get on to looking at what I managed to use up this month, shall we?

Keep reading for the empties along with mini-reviews...

1. NIVEA In-Shower Smooth Replenishing Body Lotion

You guys know, since I did a full review of this product and also featured it in a favorites post, that I pretty much love it. It's already been repurchased, although I went with the almond oil In Shower Body Milk and I'm really loving that one too. I love the idea of a body conditioner to use in the shower because it's easy and makes perfect sense, so I'm really glad that this one performs the way that I want it to. Highly recommend this product.

2. CLARINS Tonic Body Treatment Oil

So here's the thing... I heard that this smells THE BEST EVER and then found that I really don't love the smell personally, which is why it actually took me a long time to use. I think this is a very sexy scent... but not really in the way that I want to be sexy. I want to be earthy sexy and this is kind of exotic sexy. Anyway, this is actually a really great body oil and if it smelled different, I would probably pick it up again. If you're in the market for a good body oil, I would recommend giving this a sniff and if you like how it smells I doubt you'll be the least bit disappointed with how it performs its job.

3. Vitabath Wild Red Cherry Body Wash

Speaking of smells... I LOVE THE SMELL OF THIS BODY WASH. In fact, I've pretty much loved the scent of every Vitabath Body Wash that I've used in the past. I do actually quite like this body wash, though I find I like it more in the summer than in the winter because it reacts better with my skin. I could see myself picking up another one of these this summer - especially if this scent is still available - but I'm not running out to grab a backup or anything. I rate this is as quite good, no real complaints.

4. Ouidad Color Sense Color Preserving Shampoo & Conditioner

I received these in my Glossybox* this month and I tried them out right away and was actually really super impressed by them - impressed enough that I used them up a hell of a lot quicker than the number of different bottles in my shower would imply I would. The shampoo gets my hair clean without drying it out and making it squeaky and the conditioner rinses clean and leaves my hair really soft and silky. I'm already on the hunt to find out where I can buy Ouidad products locally and absolutely planning on repurchasing.

5. OGX Hydrate+Defrizz Kukui Oil Conditioner

I picked this up on the recommendation of Caroline Hirons, who could basically sell me ocean front property in Iowa really, and I completely love it. I believe I featured this in my favorites last month even. It smells amazing, leaves my hair incredibly soft and rinses really clean without any residue. I actually grabbed a back up of this already when it was marked down in Target liquidation, but I would have absolutely payed full price. I'm curious to try the shampoo, so that might be my next hair care purchase.

6. L'OREAL Paris Sublime Soft Gentle Micella Solution

This took me FOREVER to use up... not because it's a particularly long lasting product but because it actually burned my eyes a little bit so I ended up mostly using Bioderma instead. Interestingly enough, my best friend says that Bioderma burns her eyes and this one doesn't, so I don't even know what the deal is. This is good though. It gets the job done pretty much as well as Bioderma and it has a much lower price tag, so it's probably worth a try if you're in the market for a drugstore micellar water.

7. Indeed Labs Snoxin

This is the second product I've tried from Indeed Labs - the first was the Hydraluron, which I can't say enough good things about and will probably end up repurchasing sometime soon. I do quite like this serum and I did find that it did a pretty good job of making my skin look... Not younger, but just a little more healthy and flawless. And that's what we want, right? I actually only had a couple of uses left and this had been on my shelf for a while, so I can't give a really detailed review, but I do remember really liking it when I was using it consistently.

8. eco-beauty by La Fresh good day. Day Moisturizer

I am SHOCKED at how much I liked this moisturizer. This came in an Ipsy bag a couple of months ago and I was initially kind of bummed about the fact that it was in foil, but this packaging was actually really convenient and I was able to get all of the product out without any particular effort on my part. This did a really good job under makeup, didn't disrupt the finish at all while keeping my skin feeling hydrated throughout the day. I would be more likely to repurchase this if it was available locally, but I wouldn't count it out because it's probably the most impressive daytime moisturizer I've used in a while.

9. Up&Up Daily Use Cleansing Cloths

I really like these cloths, I have to say. I've actually been trying to get out of the habit of using wipes to remove my makeup, because it makes it really easy to skip my whole nighttime routine if I can just keep a pack of wipes next to my bed and take my makeup off right before I crawl in, so these were mostly used to remove swatches at the end. However, I do really like them on my face. The cloth feels soft against my skin and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or irritated. Up&Up actually has some really good products and this is definitely one of them. RIP Target Canada. :(

Not a bad month of empties, right? Thanks for reading!

Have you used any of these products? Do you love 'em?

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