REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 2 Palette

by - April 01, 2015

So, the other day I talked about the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 palette, and I figured that the next up in my Makeup Revolution review binge had to be the Iconic Pro 2. Makes sense, right? Really, the two palettes kinda go hand in hand and I will have a lot of the same things to say about this one. I'll try not to repeat myself too much on this one, but I might just have to a little bit. At the end, I'll give a little comparison of the two palettes in case someone is thinking about buying but only wants to get one. How's that?

Anyway, let's get on to the review, shall we?

Like its sister, this palette has a matte finish on the outside that actually manages to attract less fingerprints than I would think. It's a pretty standard style of packaging for a less expensive palette, simple and without anything to make it stand out. That isn't to say that this packaging is bad. It gets the job done well, closes securely, and looks pretty nice. It also contains a full size mirror, which I think is a pretty great feature. Overall, I think both of these palettes are simple and inexpensive, but don't look or feel overly cheap. Know what I mean?

Again, like its sister, this palette contains 16 shades of eyeshadow as well as a dual ended brush. I have to say, guys, that I might be rethinking how I feel about this brush since I wrote the review on the Iconic Pro 1. I said that it was a bit of a throwaway, but I actually really don't mind it for a quick, simple eye look. The shader end actually works quite well to sort of paint colour onto the lid. It packs a decent amount of colour and allows for a really precise application. The crease side is actually pretty perfect for applying an outer V and crease shade again with a good amount of precision. I have to say, I'm a convert to these brushes. They are definitely cheap brushes, but they get the job done surprisingly well!

The shades in this palette are definitely cooler than the Iconic Pro 1 - which is, again, owing to the curation of Lorac rather than Makeup Revolution - but I actually like this a lot better than a lot of the other cooler toned neutral palettes that I've owned or swatched in stores. I actually thought the other palette was going to be the winner for me, but I'd say they're pretty neck in neck. I created a beautiful green and purple smoky eye using this palette and I absolutely loved it. I applied New Trial as my transition shade, applied Ambition all over the lid up to the crease, smoked out the outer corner and deepened the crease with One Way and then popped a little bit of Withered Leaves from the Cargo Vintage Escapes palette on the center of my lid for a little pop of light. It was a little bit out of my usual comfort zone, but it was incredibly pretty and wore really beautifully all day. Overall, I think I'm going to have a lot of fun playing with the different looks I can get with this palette.

The quality and performance of this palette is really impressive for the price tag. They're really buttery and smooth with great pigmentation and blendability. I think that any future palettes that Makeup Revolution does with their so-called "Super-Elite" formulation will inevitably end up in my basket, because I am super impressed. 

Check back next week for more Makeup Revolution product reviews!

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