REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Sugar & Spice

by - April 14, 2015

So here's the thing... I'm thinking I have a bit of an obsession with blush. I think the thing about blush is that there's so many different shades and finishes, so having a good selection to choose from in your collection feels like a good idea. This could also be, admittedly, my excuse for having such a wide selection of blush. Either way, I love blush and I weirdly enjoy picking out which blush I'm going to use every morning. I've actually wanted a blush palette for a while, because of the convenience of having a good selection all in one place so that I don't have to dig around. I also just love palettes, let's be real. Enter the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Sugar & Spice. 8 blushes, 6 matte and 2 shimmers, a good selection of bright and natural shades. Obviously I had to buy it, right?

Keep reading for a closer look at the shades and for my thoughts on this palette!

The packaging for this palette is pretty much exactly the same as the standard Makeup Revolution palette. The case is black plastic with a glossy finish and gold branding on the outside. Inside, you'll find a huge mirror (LOVE!) and the 8 shades of blush in fairly generous quantities. The matte shades are the six on the left and the two shimmers are on the right.

As far as shades go, I feel like this palette has something for everyone. The top row contains 2 warm, natural looking shades with a nice coral/peach undertones, a classic pink shade, and an extremely shimmery pale pink highlight shade. The bottom row contains 2 classic berry shades, with the first shade being a little deeper than the second, a very classic peach shade, and a highly shimmery classic pink. I feel like this palette has something for everyone and that most shades are actually quite universal on a wide selection of skintones.

The pigmentation also makes this a very versatile palette, because you can use a very light hand on lighter skintones or to just get a kiss of colour on the cheeks, but there's enough pigmentation in this blushes that I think a lot of the shades would also show up on much deeper skintones. Honestly, to my pale girls... when using this blush, make absolutely sure that you tap off your brush or you could end up in clowntown. Like I said, pigmented!

Overall, I think this is a really great blush palette, especially for the very affordable price. I think it would work beautifully on a lot of different people and contains pretty much every type of shade you need for day to day. I think this would be especially great for people who are just starting out in makeup or people who are just starting to build a makeup collection. I'm very impressed!

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