REVIEW: Sephora The Natural Citrus Brush Cleanser

by - August 24, 2015

Recently, I decided that I needed a spot cleanser for my brushes since I didn't have one on hand. Since I'm a bit lazy when it comes to giving my brushes a deep cleaning, I feel like it's important to have a spot cleanser at my vanity so that I can give my brushes a quick clean and not have to worry about all my brushes being dirty all the time. I'd read some really great reviews on the Sephora website about this product and decided that it was definitely worth a try - especially since I could, at the very least, review it here since it can be hard to find solid reviews of this type of product.

So without further adieu, keep reading for my thoughts on this product!

What Sephora Has To Say:
This incredible formula by Parian Spirit (a cult favorite) reconditions all your natural and synthetic-haired brushes, returning their sheen and luster. It is formulated to remove the toughest adhesives and formulas—glue, mascara, latex, and even acrylic—from the most delicate natural and synthetic fibers. The cleaner is so versatile that it can be used to clean makeup and adhesives off clothing, wigs, false eyelashes, and false facial hair. It has a light and uplifting citrus aroma.
Straight off, I have to tell you that I'm really loving this product. I've been using it mostly to spot clean my eye brushes, since I like to have a clean brush for each colour that I apply, but I've also used it to clean face brushes. Though it does take a little more product to clean brushes that have been used for liquid or cream products, it's not really much work to be rid of at least the pigment left behind. 

To use this product, I like to give the bristles a couple of spritzes at a pretty close range (so that it doesn't go everywhere) and let it sit for a couple of seconds before gently moving the brush over a clean cloth to get the pigment out. With particularly bright pigments or with cream products, occasionally I do have to repeat the process to get them completely clean, but it's really quite easy either way.  With denser brushes, you'll want to use a little bit more product, and with wipsier brushes less, but it's easy enough to figure out how much you'll need for each brush as you're using it.

This product does dry quite quickly, so I have found that I can actually use the brushes again soon after I've cleaned them. For me, this is a big plus because it means that I can spot clean brushes during the same makeup look and still use them again. I also feel like this does leave the bristles feeling softer, since it does seem to have a conditioning effect. I'm hoping that this will mean that it will prolong the life of my favorite and most used brushes.

One thing that I want to stress is that if you're not a fan of strong citrus scents, you will not like this product. I assume that it has essential oils in it, so I would also avoid it if you have a strong sensitivity to essential oils. 

At $14 for 4oz of product, I feel like this is a very affordable option and the fact that it's available at Sephora also makes it somewhat more easily accessible than some of the other cult favorite brush cleansers. This one gets a thumbs up all around from me!

Do you spot clean your brushes? I'd love to hear what you're using in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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