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by - October 28, 2015

*Product was provided for review.

I noticed my first gray hair on my 23rd birthday and it was TRAUMATIC. The thing about gray hair that drives me crazy is the difference in texture. Have you ever noticed how those infuriating white hairs seem to stick up straight from your head? YUCK. In the 10 years since I found that first gray hair, more have followed in its stead and as my roots start to grow out between visits to my hairdresser, I have to live with the evidence of my aging. Could I sound more dramatic right now? Me thinks not. Anyway, I've always relied on touch ups to my roots to try and keep those under control, but in the past couple of years I've been skipping the hair colour more and more and just living with the annoying grays. However, recently I've been trying out no gray Quick Fix* to try and combat those annoying little buggers, and I'm ready to let you guys know what I think of this product!

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About no gray Quick Fix:
no gray™ Quick Fix is perfect for hiding gray roots and doing quick touch-ups in between hair coloring. Simply apply with short strokes to gray roots at hair line and parting line.
Three applicator combs allow for precise control. Hides gray hair until your next shampoo.

  • instantly cover your gray roots
  • easy to use 3 way applicator
  • shampoos out
  • fits in your purse or pocket
  • available in three shades
All natural, environmentally friendly and cruelty free!

First off, I will tell you that this is NOT a product for people who have a ton of gray hair, have never coloured their hair, or have really let their roots grow out. This is best for those of us who keep up a fairly regular hair colour routine. For me, it's probably a little longer than a lot of people since I do try to keep my hair fairly close in colour to what I have naturally, but I try to colour my hair about every 3 months. This 3 month time line, of course, means that I have a decent (and by decent, I mean annoying) number of gray hairs to deal with as my hair grows out. Most days I don't really bother trying to hide them, but for special occasions or when I just want to look extra nice, this is the perfect product for concealing my grays. I also really like this for when I'm pulling my hair up, because that seems to highlight my little gray buddies, and this does a good job of concealing them.

In the tube, this looks like quite a warm brown shade, but I find that it seems to adjust to my more neutral brown shade and blends seamlessly. Just like using a mascara (obviously!) you brush this in short strokes at your roots where you're trying to hide the gray hairs and then comb through with one of the two combs. I prefer to use both combs to really make sure there's no clumps of product in my hair and then set the product with a little bit of hairspray. I find that it sets to a matte finish and really doesn't have any obvious appearance of product in the hair. My favorite part? This does seem to have some hold, so those infuriating little coarse gray hairs that seem to stick up like you're an aging Alfalfa end up getting blended into the rest of your hair and just disappear.

Now, I don't think this is a must have product for everyone, but I really like it and I love having it around for special occasions - or days when I want to look extra youthful, let's be honest - and at $7.99, I think it's more than worth it for those of us with a little bit of gray to cover.

no gray Quick Fix is available at FarleyCo for CAD $7.99!

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