COLLECTION: essence Mountain Calling Trend Edition

by - November 13, 2015

I swear, I just get so excited when it comes time for a new essence Trend Edition. I know, I'm a dork. Still, I love the cute little displays and how everything has been curated together for some kind of theme. Obviously, I also love the fact that I can pick up a handful of things from each collection without having to feel guilty about the burden on my wallet - If only all limited edition collections in the beauty world were so affordable! Anyway, I saw the display at my local Shoppers pretty much as soon as they put it out (it was pristine and untouched - ahhhhhh!) and I had no choice but to pick up a few things to try out, so I figured I'd share a look at the collection as well as first impression mini reviews of each of the products.

Keep reading to take a look at what I picked up and see my initial thoughts on the products!

essence Mountain Calling Translucent Powder in 01 Snow Alert

Not gonna lie, I mostly picked this up because the packaging and embossing in the powder are just adorable. However, that being said, I have another translucent powder from essence, the All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder, and I really enjoy it so I figured this would likely be one I would enjoy as well. Now, I will say that I do think there's something of a brightening effect with this powder, which is fantastic for pale girls like me, but could be ashy horror for someone with a deep skin tone. I like the overall texture, which I don't find to be too overly powdery, and when I used this to set my concealer I actually think it did a phenomenal job of keeping it in place all day without any significant creasing or cakiness. Definitely looking forward to trying this out some more.

essence Mountain Calling Cream To Powder Blush in 01 Let's Climb Mount Beauty

I was out shopping with my best friend when I saw this display and when I picked this up (before anything else in the display) she was a little taken aback by the brightness of the shade - but I felt pretty sure that it would sheer out on the cheeks to a cold-bitten flush. I feel like I was definitely right. I think that on my fair skin, this requires a light hand and you can get that really natural, winter flush to the skin, and I also feel like it would build up really nicely on deeper skin tones. I LOVE the texture of this cream blush, because it is smooth and has slip but there's no greasiness to it and it really does set down to a nice powder finish without any actual powderiness on the skin. During the winter, when my skin is quite dry, I really do like to use a cream blush over a powder, so I suspect I'll be reaching for this often. Very nice!

essence Mountain Calling 2in1 Kajal Pencil in 02 We Love Winter

I love the idea of the double ended pencil and I thought that both of these shades would actually be beneficial to have in my collection, so I picked this up despite the fact that I'm not actually a really big fan of kajal liners. I was expecting to find them a firm and dry, which I admit is a bias that I carry towards most inexpensive eyeliners, but these are actually really creamy and pigmented so they glide one really easily. One thing that I really like about these is that they're really true to colour. I find that with deep green shades, they can often get lost and look more like black or grey, but this one really does punch green. Admittedly, I'm not actually all that well versed in eyeliners because I just don't tend to wear them very often, but I like the texture and shades of these so I'm definitely going to put them to use.

essence Mountain Calling Snow Effect Top Coat in 01 Snow Alert!

But really, who doesn't love a speckle top coat? When I saw that we would be getting this collection online, I was hoping that we would get this, and really excited when we did. I like to throw on a speckled polish over a traditional créme polish because I think it gives it something kind of special. I haven't tried this out yet, because I haven't had occasion to do my nails, but I'm really looking forward to giving it a go!

Dear essence, 
Please give us Canadians all of the trend editions and make me a very happy makeup addict.
Very happy with everything I picked up from this collection, can you tell? Also included in this collection was a 6 pan eyeshadow palette, 4 nail polishes, 2 lip balms, a hand balm (great for winter!), another 2in1 kajal eyeliner, and a pair of socks that I'm pretty sure I'm going to go pick up within the next day or so because they're insanely cute and I love adorable socks for Christmastime!

Thanks for reading! Will you be picking up anything from the Mountain Calling collection?

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