REVIEW: Colourpop Super Shock Blush & Highlighter + SWATCHES

by - November 27, 2015

It's time for my last Colourpop review from my first ever order! After seeing swatch videos on Youtube of all of the blushes and highlighters, I knew that I needed to try some out. I mean, I am pretty much a blush addict after all. I decided to reign myself in at one of each, because I could have gone a little bit mad with power and bought several, but this first haul was really about figuring out how I feel about each of the products and formulas. I picked up the most wearable shades for my skintone, I'd say, and I think I did pretty well. One thing that I would say is to really look at the swatches for these types of items before ordering, because they can look very different in the pan than on your skin. Anyway....

Keep reading to take a closer look at Birthday Suit Blush & Smokin' Whistles Highlighter and hear my thoughts on each product!

This long-wearing créme powder cheek formula is the BFF of our infamous Super Shock Shadow; it shares the shadows unique buoyant texture and feels super silky. Cheeks look healthy and flawless! Super Shock cheek comes in Matte, Satin & Pearlized finishes. Available in a ton of shades - from natural nudes to naughty neons... Get cheeky, experiment & play.

Birthday Suit - Neutral pink - Satin 
Clearly this was the shade I was going to pick, right? This is pretty much a perfect shade for anyone with fair all the way to medium skin. I don't think it would pick up so well on anything darker than that, because it is quite soft. I actually like to use a brush to apply this, which isn't what I was expecting, and that way I get a really seamless blend and I can build it up with no problems. I don't find this blush to be as long wearing as the shadows, but it does cling to my skin pretty well. I also find that it really doesn't disrupt my base makeup when I put it on, which is a big plus.

Smokin' Whistles - Cool toned pink champagne with silver highlights - Pearlized
THIS IS BRIGHT. I was actually really surprised at just how much highlight this really gives me. Because I do have some texture on my skin, I like to keep my highlight pretty subtle, so I like to use a light hand with this, but I think someone with really smooth skin who wants some strobe-like glow would absolutely love this for that. It's really, really pretty I have to say and I feel like this shade in particular looks really nice on my fair skin and doesn't really deepen up on me at all.

Birthday Suit & Smokin Whistles

I have to say that I really love both of the cheek products I chose for this haul. I think they're both super wearable, I really like how they apply and last on the skin, and both the satin and the pearlized finish are really, really beautiful. I will definitely be picking up some more Super Shock Cheek products on my next order!

Have you tried the Colourpop blushes or highlighters? Any shades that you think I MUST have?

Thanks for reading!

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