REVIEW: Colourpop Super Shock Shadow + Swatches

by - November 26, 2015

Welcome back for my second Colourpop review this week here on the blog. Yesterday, I reviewed the Lippie Stix, and today I've got my review for what is certainly the most popular product that Colourpop does - Their Super Shock Shadows. I picked up 5 shades in a variety of finishes to try and get a feel for how each performs. I picked 3 from the fall collection (which was on sale when I made my order) and 2 from the permanent line. I have to tell you that I'm a little bit surprised at how I feel about these, because they actually tend to be at odds with how I've heard other people feel about them, but we'll get more into that in the review!

Keep reading to look at the 5 shades I picked up in my haul and hear my thoughts how each shade performs!

The long-wearing créme-powder has an elastic-like texture that is completely party proof. Avoid the fall out from traditional powder shadows and say goodbye to racoon eyes! This feather soft formula glides on and feels freakin' amazing. Super Shock Shadow comes in tons of kick ass shades, kissed with glitter and tweaked with multiple fabulous finishes.

Supermodel - Soft golden ivory - Pearlized 
I picked this up on the recommendation of Emily from Beauty Broadcast on Youtube. She went through the entire fall collection and picked her must haves, and I definitely referenced that as I made my order. This shade is really exactly as it is described - a soft golden ivory in a pearlized finish. I find this one to be a little sheer, but I think that makes it ideal for using on the lid with a lot of different eye looks. It's not super bright there, but the pearlized finish does bring some light to the eyes. I actually really like the pearlized finish, because it gives it a sort of wet look. I would recommend this shade.

3 - Cool-toned starlit bronze with a flash of silvery and multi-coloured glitter - Metallic
Look how pretty this is in the pan... Ugh. Unfortunately, this one didn't work out for me. I have to say that the two metallic shades that I bought really disappointed me, which I was surprised  by since I've heard such amazing things about the metallics from Colourpop. This one doesn't really FEEL metallic to me. Both in swatches and on the eyes, this just seemed like a cubic shit ton of glitter in a semi-matte base. It was just too much glitter, it transferred onto my upper lids, and it had some fall down throughout the day. I might try this with a stickier base and use it only for nights out, but I wouldn't recommend it unless that's what you're into.

Stereo - Blackened burgundy with copper and pink violet duo chrome glitter - Metallic
In the pan, this is pretty much the most stunning shadow I've ever seen, but it suffers from the same issue as 3. If it was truly metallic and looked on the eyes like it does in the pan, it would probably be my favorite shadow of life, but as it is it's probably one of the most disappointing because it really doesn't do that at all. The base on this one feels really bland and then you just have a bunch of glitter on top. I did manage to get a pretty decent look out of this, but it took work and it was just too glittery for my personal taste. Sad. Very sad.

Party Time - Dusty mauve grey - Matte
So many people don't like the Colourpop mattes, but I am officially and absolute fan. This shade is great for deepening up a cool toned eye look or for creating a softened smoky eye. I feel like it works best when you kind of stamp it on with a sort of dense domed brush and then soften it out with a fluffy blending brush, but I really haven't had any of the problems with getting it to transfer to the eye or blending it out that I was expecting based on previous reviews I've read.

Central Perk - Dirty maroon - Matte
I have saved the best for last. This is another shade that I picked up at Emily's recommendation and I'm kinda thinking about getting a backup of it since it's likely going to disappear soon. This shade is pretty much perfect for the types of burgundy eye looks I've been gravitating towards lately. It has enough brown that it is wearable and enough red to make it really different and interesting. I've used this in so many looks lately that it's been a little crazy, but I'm just completely in love with it. If you only get one shade, make it Central Perk.

Supermodel, 3, Stereo, Party Time, Central Perk

The thing I'm impressed with across the board with these shadows is definitely the wear time. I've done multiple looks using varying combinations of these shadows and they've all worn beautifully throughout the day. I wore one look from 7am until 1am and, while it wasn't perfect at the end of the night, it was still there and very much passable - and that's pretty much unheard of for me. 

I think that on my next order, since I wasn't so happy with the two metallics that I chose, I'll try one or two brighter metallic shades and see how I like the formula of those, as well as one of the ultra metallics. For me, the winners in this set of shadows are definitely the mattes and I definitely want to pick up a few more of those to try out as well. I feel like my takeaway is so different from others I've heard from, so I'd like to try some more shades and see how I feel about them!

What are your favorite or most wanted Colourpop Super Shock shades?

Thanks for reading!

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