REVIEW: VICHY Idéalia Day Care Cream*

by - January 29, 2016

*Product was provided for PR Purposes.

You guys will already know, if you've checked out my 2015 Skin Care Favorites, that I'm a huge fan of the Idéalia line from VICHY. Last year I got the chance to try out the Idéalia Life Serum and the Idéalia Skin Sleep, and both have become favorites of mine pretty quicky. I feel like the line works very well for where I am with my skin right now. As you guys know, I'm in my 30s and dealing with all of the things that a lot of women in their 30s are dealing with, and this line works very beautifully for my skin. So, of course, when I got the chance to try out the new VICHY Idéalia Day Cream*, I was more than excited to get it on my skin and see how it worked out. I feel like this is also the perfect time of year to really test out moisturizers, since my skin definitely leans dry at this time of year.

Keep reading for my thoughts on this product!

Vichy’s new Idéalia Day Care corrects the first signs of aging by improving skin radiance and reducing the look of fine lines and visible pores. The leading ingredient? Kombucha, a multi-active tea concentrate which has been used for centuries thanks to its tonifying and anti-oxidation properties.
· Kombucha: Obtained from Ceylon black tea, which naturally contains a unique combination of AHA + Vitamins + Probiotics + Polyphenols

· Vitamin E: Natural anti-oxidant playing a key role in the reducing signs of aging

· Adenosine: Stimulates the renewal of the epidermis and boosts the anti-wrinkle activity of Kombucha

· LHA: Activates micro-exfoliation and promotes the absorption of Kombucha and Adenosine
· Mineralizing Thermal Water: Soothing and fortifying

This 50ml jar of product is definitely going to go a long way, which is a big win for me. When I use this, I like to very gently glide my finger over the top of the product to pick up a small amount and then dot it over my skin. It smooths over the skin really easily and doesn't take much to get good, even coverage over the skin. This, to me, is very important because I don't want to load my skin up with product with a day cream or alternately miss any patches.

There is a light scent to this, but it's so subtle that I have to actually hold the jar up to my nose and take a deep whiff to get a smell of it. I would say it's a fresh scent, but I can't really say any more than that because it's so light. I don't think that this would cause any issue for those with scent sensitivity.

And, really, how pretty is the Idéalia packaging? I love it. It's very sleek, modern, and subtly feminine. I love it!

My problem with a lot of daytime moisturizers is getting the right balance. I definitely need a fair bit of moisture to keep my skin hydrated during a prairie winter, but I don't want something so heavy that it's going to effect the application and staying power of my makeup. I've actually found that this moisturizer manages to strike that balance quite nicely. It's got the texture of a cream without being really heavy and it smooths onto the skin and sinks in quite easily, so that my skin feels hydrated without there being any residue or heaviness left on my skin. I find that this does keep my skin feeling and looking hydrated throughout the day, but the finish and staying power of my foundation doesn't change.

Now, I have to admit that I haven't been using this long enough to see any significant results in the overall appearance of my skin, but I really feel like that requires consistent use over a course of at least a month before one can really see. Of course, I don't really choose a day cream based on that and personally rely more on my overnight products and serums to do the heavy lifting. For me, a day cream has to be hydrating enough for my skin type (Normal skewing Dry) and it has to work well with makeup, and the Idéalia Day Care* definitely ticks both of those boxes. It feels lovely on the skin, keeps me hydrated throughout these cold winter days, and plays well with makeup.

I think that this is a product that would work for a lot of different skin types, since it is hydrating without being heavy, and would definitely give it a thumbs up. The Idéalia range is definitely still impressing me!

VICHY Idéalia Day Care retails for $45 for a 50ml jar and is available at drugstores and!

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