REVIEW: Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer Mist + Lift & Firm Primer

by - February 29, 2016

I love new collection time, you guys already know this. One of the brands that I always look for new products from is Hard Candy. Why, you ask? Because I feel like they're constantly bringing out items that are interested - and for me, as a beauty blogger and all around beauty lover, that's definitely a draw. I love the usual items, but I also love when brands do something a little bit different from what else is going on at the drugstore. Now, one thing that I'm a little bummed about is that the new products from Hard Candy are at a bit of a higher price point here in Canada than they used to be, which I suppose has to be chalked up to our falling dollar. Still, I think with pretty much everything being under $10, this is still a good go to brand to try new things from. I recently picked up a bunch of new products from the brand, including the Sheer Envy Hydrating Primer Mist and the Sheer Envy Lift & Firm Primer as well as a couple of other products that I will be reviewing soon.

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I have to admit, I don't use primer every day and incorporating it into my routine regularly has been a bit of an experiment over all. It's not that I don't see the appeal, really, it's mostly just that it's an extra step that I've only really seen necessary for special occasions or days when I really need my makeup to look good for an extended period of time. Those are really the times that I tend to reach for primer, but since I picked these up I've been using them daily to get a real feel for how they perform.

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Hydrating Primer Mist

Let's talk first about what this product claims. First, it's Oil Free, Silicone Free, and Alcohol Free. A primer mist is definitely one product that I can definitely where the fact that these ingredients are not a part of the formula feels beneficial to me. It claims to use electrolytes to energize and hydrate the skin. Honestly, using the word "energize" in terms of any cosmetic product feels like marketing and little else to me, which is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. However, hydration is very important to me right now, which is really why I picked this up.

First, something that was surprising to me because this product is infused with coconut water, this primer mist smells a little bit like cinnamon candy. I've seen a couple of reviews and no one has mentioned that smell, but that's seriously what I get from this when I use it. AND I LOVE IT. Ahem. I actually really like this mist over all. I like to use this after my skin care, right before I apply my foundation, and also to freshen up my skin if it starts to look a little dry throughout the day. I feel like this really gives a good hit of moisture to the skin whether you use it before or after you apply your makeup, and I think that rather than really extending the wear of my makeup it just really improves the overall look of my makeup - if that makes sense. I love the fine mist that this gives, I obviously love the smell, and I do actually feel like it's doing something when I use it. 

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Lift & Firm Primer

Claims first. This primer claims to moisturize, brighten and tighten facial contours. I have to say that, for me, I haven't really seen any tightening when it comes to this product, but I wasn't actually really expecting that at this price point. I think that if you're looking for a product that's really going to lift and tighten your face, you're going to have to look at a higher price point, so that's kind of a moot point for me.

This is a lotion textured primer than is really smooth and soft when you apply it, without the slick glide of a silicone based primer. This sinks into the skin nicely and I think it does really help to maintain hydration throughout the day - again, this is something that's really important to me at the moment. I also really like the way my makeup applies over this primer, because I feel like it helps it to really apply smoothly and evenly while at the same time really adhering it to the skin. I think this does extend the wear of my foundation somewhat, but not to a degree where it holds up to, say, my Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. I think my favorite thing is that this, like the Primer Mist, helps to keep my makeup looking good throughout the day.

Overall, I have to say I'm really happy with both of these products. I don't think the Lift & Firm Primer is a real game changer, but I do think that it does a good job of what it does and is at a good price point for a drugstore primer. I also think that it is something a little different from most other drugstore primers that I've tried, which is always nice. The Hydrating Primer Mist is the real winner for me here, though, which I was actually really surprised by. I love what it does for my skin, I love the way it smells, and I love that I can use it throughout the day to freshen up my makeup. If you're only going to choose one, I would definitely make it the Primer Mist. 

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