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I swear, I was planning on decluttering some of my face palettes... but I just couldn't do it. I'm a sucker for palettes with a lot of options. Even though I'm not a huge traveler, they're great for taking on the go and I just love being able to reach for one thing and having a lot of options. And my options are from the most affordable dollar store makeup to the most gorgeous, luxurious high end, so there's a lot to work with here for every budget. And like I proved in my Makeup Collection & Declutter: Blushes post, I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to blushes and... okay, I feel a little bit embarrassed about it now that my collection is on the internet - but I feel NO SHAME.

Anyway, if you wanna see my still-cluttered collection of face palettes with mini-reviews - keep reading!

Too Faced Love Flushed Blush Palette
When everyone was going crazy for the Chocolate Bon Bons palette after Christmas last year, this was what I had my eye on. I'd wanted to try the Love Flush Blushes for a while, but I'd resisted because I couldn't just choose one - so this was perfect. I've used and loved every shade in this palette, I love the formula, and this is definitely what's getting packed with me for my upcoming vacation because it's literally everything I could need. This is actually probably my favorite blush palette of the whole bunch.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette
This, I have to say, is a close second to the Too Faced palette. I love all three of these shades and I absolutely adore the way they look on the skin. This is, unfortunately, no longer available, but if it gets a rerelease I seriously recommend picking it up because these blushes are just stunning. My favorite is Mood Exposure, which is the mauvey nude shade on the right side of the palette, because it's perfect for every day and just looks gorgeous on the skin.

H&M Make Me Blush Trio
I reviewed this back when I got it and I really, really like it. The shades are quite cool toned, which I love - especially in the winter. In fact, I pretty much exclusively reach for this in the winter when I want a really cool toned cheek to bring out my pale skin. I don't know if you can still get this - I assume you can't - but if you see it and you're a fan of cool toned blushes I think it's a good budget friendly option.

Mariposa Blush Quad
So, this is from Dollarama and it cost me $2.50 and I've continued reaching for it since I got it a year ago. I love the top 2 shades, which are a nude and a rosy pink, and I think this is actually a surprisingly good blush formula. It's a little powdery, but nothing too obnoxious, and the pigmentation is really good. For $2.50, how can you go wrong?

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush & Contour Palette in Sugar & Spice
Honestly, for anyone who's looking for an affordable blush palette with great options, I think Makeup Revolution is worth taking a look at. I think this could be a great option for an aspiring makeup artist who is just starting to build their kit. If you want to see swatches, you can check out my full review of this palette. This is definitely a palette for someone who likes a pink blush, but there are also a couple of more nude options and a peachy option. The shimmery shades aren't my personal favorite, but I think they make nice blush toppers if that's what you're into. 

Five blush palettes isn't too bad at all, is it? Of course, if I had my way I'd have at least 3 more in the form of the Tarte Holiday LE blush palettes from the past 3 years... but I missed out on them. Maybe in 2016!

it Cosmetics Vitality Face Disk
Ever since the first time I saw this all over Youtube when it was first released, I wanted it, so I snapped it up when The Shopping Channel had a deal. I don't reach for this as often as I'd like to, because the only way I can store it has it tucked back in a drawer, but this reminded me to pull it out more often. Check out my full review for more!

Quo Sunset Beach Face Palette (Spring 2014)
For the past few years, Quo seems to do these palettes every season and I'm always a little bit tempted by them. This palette isn't actually my favorite, if only because I don't really have a taste for a glowy bronzer, but the shades are really pretty and I think a lot of different skintones could get use out of this - though the bronzer is light and won't add much depth to medium and deeper skin tones. This is another one that I want to reach for more.

Wet N Wild Color Icon Trio in Fair Trade Coffee
When I first swatched this trio, I just about fell over. The pigmentation is INSANE. I actually don't get much use of this and if it hadn't been LE, I might have decluttered it... but I just can't let go of LE things and I do want to make this work. Because the blush is so pigmented and so cool toned and the highlight is so light with a hint of pink, I think I need to remember to pull this out in the winter when cool toned is my jam.

There's a theme with a lot of these palettes in that I don't reach for them as much as I should because they're usually tucked away in the back of my blush drawer... I really need to remedy that.

e.l.f. Contour Palette
I think this is one of the best contour palettes at the price point and can work quite well for a lot of different skintones. I like the formula and shade of three out of the four powders and this post is reminding me that I need to reach for this palette because I really liked that bronzer shade but I haven't used it since the weather got warm and bronzer became a daily staple again! My full review is here.

essence Contour Powder Duo
I picked this up right after it was released and I felt like I had to reserve judgement until the summer because it was quite warm for my winter skin... so I really need to pull this out again, don't I? Maybe I'll throw it into a Products I Tried This Month post and let you guys know what I think!

Wet N Wild Megalo Contouring Palette
I really really really like this! I actually really for this quite often when I need some highlight under my eyes, because the highlight powder is just gorgeous. It's finely milled and really soft and just blends out really beautifully to give a brightness there without looking heavy or cakey. The contour powder is really nice as well, but I really, really love the highlight in this one.

Freedom Makeup London Pro Contour Kit in Fair
As you can tell by the fact that I've hit pan on the contour powder in this palette, I'm a little bit in love with it. I absolutely love that this contour shade has a slightly pinky undertone to it because on my cool toned fair skin it gives a really natural looking shadow. I find that powders that are too grey tend to just look dirty on my skin, but this shade is absolutely perfect. 

Honestly, with contouring kind of going by the wayside, I probably don't need all of these palettes in my collection... but I'm keeping them anyway. I'm definitely going to give the essence one another go, because I really am curious as to how it'll work on my summer skin!

I feel like I clearly have every I need for cheeks in palette form, which is maybe why I'm not getting rid of any of them. My absolute favorites are definitely the Too Faced Love Flushed Blush Palette and the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush palette, which are two items that I want to have in my collection as long as possible. There really are some great lower priced face palette options, but at the end of the day they just don't hold a candle to those two particular palettes. Good, but not outstanding.

Thanks for reading!

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