REVIEW: Urban Decay VICE Lipstick in Rapture

by - September 22, 2016

I, like most other beauty obsessed people, saw the huge PR packages that a lot of bloggers and vloggers got of the new Urban Decay VICE lipsticks and I'll admit that I was overwhelmed by the number of them. However, I finally got down to a store where I could see them in person and swatch them on my hands so I could get a better idea of the shades and formulas that might be most appealing to me. Now, of course the shade I wanted the most was sold out (it's currently on its way to me from Sephora... It will be mine!!!) Anyway, this one came in a close second and, though it wasn't in the finish that I would have preferred I was still very interested in putting it on my face. SO I picked up the Urban Decay VICE lipstick in Rapture and I've been wearing it for a couple of days, so let's talk about it!

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You know, one thing that always makes higher end products stand out for me over drugstore products are the attention to packaging. I absolutely LOVE both the box graphics and the design of the bullet itself. Everything is just completely on point from an esthetic perspective. The mashed up lipstick shades on the box made it feel like something a little bit special to me, it really did. 

As for the bullet? I mean. Come on. The mixed metallics, the debossing of the Urban Decay logo on the cap, the very subtle smoky logo on the bullet itself? This is attention to detail when it comes to packaging, and Urban Decay never seems to fail in that department. I know I'm spending a lot of time on the packaging... but seriously. So good.

I guess we should talk about the meat in the sandwich instead of just the bread, huh? Yes, yes we should.... But let's take one more minute to look at the pretty packaging. Ooooh. Ahhh.

Okay, ahem.

With the VICE lipsticks, Urban Decay released 100 shades in 6 different finishes: Sheer, Comfort Matte, Mega Matte, Cream, Metalized, and Sheer Shimmer. Can you see why it was overwhelming? After swatching them out, my favorite finish is definitely the Comfort Matte, because it's high pigment and matte but has that slip that makes it a lot more comfortable to wear. Rapture is a Cream finish, which I would say was my second favorite finish. It's high pigment, but it has a shine on the lips and quite a bit more slip than the Comfort Matte. For that reason, I probably wouldn't want a Cream finish in a deep or bright shade, because I'd be worried about it traveling outside of the lip line. In this mid-toned mauve shade, though, I didn't have that issue.

Where this lipstick failed for me is the wear time. As cream formulas go, this one just isn't my favorite because it's a little bit thinner than my preferred cream formula lipsticks and I find that the slip is has on the lips just leads to it transferring and then disappearing rather quickly. I do find it really comfortable and hydrating on the lips, which is a huge plus, but I've gotten so used to wearing lip products that hang on championingly that this just isn't to my taste. That said, I do think that a lot of people will like this formula, because it is so pigmented and comfortable.

I think, based on a whole hell of a lot of swatching of the huge selection of lipsticks in the VICE range, that which of these lipsticks you like is going to be about personal taste in formula. For me, this isn't quite ideal, but the shade is beautiful and I know there are tons of people who are going to love the formula. And, don't get me wrong, this is going to get wear in my collection!

Have you tried any of the VICE lipsticks from Urban Decay yet? Let me know in the comments!

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