REVIEW: essence Matt Matt Matt Lipsticks

by - January 12, 2017

In my opinion, one of the most exciting new releases that essence has for Spring 2017 are the new matt matt matt lipsticks, which are available in 8 shades from soft, wearable nudes to bold statement shades. Originally, I ordered 2 of these off the website... and then literally the same day as my order arrived I picked up another two shades at Shoppers Drug Mart when I found that they had finally made it to shelves. Because matte finish lipsticks are my personal favorite and these lipsticks retail for $4.49CAD each, I really, really, really wanted these to be fantastic. 

Keep reading for my overview of the four shades that I picked up and my full review of this lipstick formula!

  • These new matte lipsticks easily glide over the lips with gorgeous,  high impact color.  The creamy texture gives you a long lasting matt finish without drying out the lips.
Like I said in the intro, these lipsticks are available in 8 shades that range from a selection of nude/neutral shades all the way up to a very deep, vampy wine shade. The packaging on these lipsticks in really great, in my opinion. The lipstick itself is in a silver tube and is debossed with the essence logo on the bullet of lipstick instead, and each shade has a clear frosted lid in a shade that corresponds to the lipstick itself. The corresponding lid along with the color coded sticker on the end of the bullet means that you won't have to root around to find the lipstick that you're looking for. The lids on these are fairly sturdy, but I would maybe be a little bit careful tossing these lipsticks in your purse because I do think they the lid could be dislodged when jostling it around.

essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick in 02 Perfect Match
I think this lipstick is pretty much perfectly named. This is a really pretty nude tone that works really well on my fair skin. The undertone is a sort of rosy mauve, which is my personal favorite undertone when it comes to nude lipsticks because it does give me that polished, your lips but better kind of look. I think the pigmentation on this shade is just right. Let me explain. When it comes to lighter, more nude shades I think there's a sweet spot for pigmentation. I don't want it to be so pigmented that it looks like paint, but it needs to be opaque enough that it covers my natural lip colour. This shade is right in that sweet spot for me.

essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick in 03 Wow Effect
Honestly, I don't wear a lot of pink lipsticks because it can be hard for me to find a shade that I really like, which is really just a matter of preference for me. That said, I kind of love this shade, which I would classify as a kind of berry nude shade. It's distinctly pink, but it's not too light or too bright and is just really super wearable. I like this kind of shade with a more dramatic, cool toned eye because it brings some life to my skin but doesn't distract or put the look too over the top. I think this is going to be a shade that a lot of people would like. Again, I think this falls into that pigmentation sweet spot.

essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick in 06 Kiss Me If You Can
When it comes to pretty much any matte lipstick line, I always want to know if they can kill a red. For me, matte red lips are not only completely timeless and always a kind of power lip, but the right red can look amazing on pretty much anyone. Now, I can't speak for how people with different skin tones would feel about this red, but for me it's basically exactly what I look for. It's bright without being too cherry and has a blue undertone that helps to make my teeth look white. And the pigment on this shade? INSANE. Where I want my nudes to be in that sweet spot, I like my reds to be fully saturated and punchy and this hits that spot perfectly. Really impressed.

essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick in 08 It's A Statement
When I ordered this, I think I was expecting something that was going to have a little less depth, but this shade is about as vampy and deep as you can get before you hit black. I would say that this is a blackened raisin type shade that feels like a combination of purple, red, and a really deep brown/black. This is a little bit out of my comfort zone, since on my pale skin this type of shade is a lot, but I think this would be absolutely stunning on deep/rich skin tones, as well as pretty much anyone who wants to do a vampy lip. The formula on this is really impressive, since these really deep tones so often end up being patchy, but this one is full and saturated and I really didn't find that I had to work too hard to get it to look nice on the lips.

In the photos, these maybe look like they have some sheen to them but I think that's really just the light. The finish on these is a true creamy matte and really doesn't carry any shine. As far as the texture, I would say that they're really creamy with a bit of slip that makes me think that they have some silicone in them but not enough that they don't really cling to the lips. With the lighter shades, I would say that you really don't need to bother with a lip liner, but to get the cleanest look from the deeper shades I would definitely recommend a lip liner to get a crisp edge. 

I think that the wear time on these is really, really good and while I don't find them to be specifically hydrating on the lips, I also don't find them drying. These are that kind of formula that looks and feels matte, but when you press your lips together you can still feel some moisture there. That said, because they're not hydrating I've found that since I've been testing them I've had to be really conscious of applying lip balm to my lips to prep them and also whenever I'm not wearing lipsticks because my lips definitely need moisture in the winter.

You guys... I'm kind of in love and I have a feeling that I'm going to head out and pick up the other four colours of this lipstick probably in the next few days. I just think that this formula is spectacular for the drugstore, the colours are really wearable and gorgeous, and the price is right for me to be more than happy to buy the whole collection.

If you, like me, are a matte lip girl but can't handle or are just kind of sick of liquid lipsticks, I would definitely recommend picking a couple of these up to try out. They're under $5 and they're just a really, really great formula!

Thanks for reading!

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