REVIEW: Avon Senses Body Care in Lemon Blosson & Basil

by - May 17, 2017

When it comes to body care, I have to admit that the thing I tend to lean on most is how products smell. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, but there really is something about filling the shower with a scent that you enjoy and making it a sensory experience rather than a simply necessary task for hygiene. Recently, I was really excited to get to try out the Avon Senses Body Care Lemon Blossom & Basil* products. Lemon is by far one of my favorite scents because it always smells clean and fresh, and I really tend to enjoy the addition of herbs in fruity or floral scents. 

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Avon Senses Lemon Blossom & Basil Hydrating Shower Gel*
150ml | Retail $6 CAD 
Enjoy the crisp scent of sweet lemons blended with peony blossoms and fresh basil. Hydrating formula leaves skin feeling cleansed and conditioned.

Can we just talk about how I forgot that Avon shower gels have that handy curved bottle that will hang from your shower caddy? As someone whose shower caddy is overflowing, this is something practical that I really appreciate because I don't have to worry about taking up precious shelf space. Overall, I quite enjoyed this shower gel. It gave me a nice lather in my pouf, making it easy and quick to wash, and left my skin feeling clean without any tightness at all. 

Avon Senses Lemon Blosson & Basil Moisturizing Body Lotion*
250ml | Retail $8 CAD
Enjoy the crisp scent of sweet lemons blended with peony blossoms and fresh basil. Creamy formula with 30-hour moisture leaves skin looking healthy, and feeling soft and smooth.

I always say this, but I definitely have to get better about applying lotion after I get out of the shower and I've had this on my nightstand to test it and I quite enjoy it. It's a light lotion, which makes it perfect for me in the summer when I don't need to pack as much of a punch, and it sinks into the skin quickly without leaving behind any stickiness. My favorite part is that, since I shower and apply lotion at night, I wake up in the morning with skin that feels really silky and soft when I use this. I don't know that this will be heavy enough if you have really dry skin, but otherwise I think it'll pack enough hydration for daily use. 

Avon Senses Lemon Blossom & Basil Refreshing Body Spray*
250ml | Retail $10 CAD
Enjoy the crisp scent of sweet lemons blended with peony blossoms and fresh basil. Cooling, scented mist leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

Admittedly, I'm not much of a body mist kind of a girl these days since I tend to like a denser fragrance. That being said, I actually really like this to apply along with the lotion to bump up the scent and freshness of my skin after the shower. It's not an overwhelming scent, but it's definitely present and the freshness of it gives me even more of a feeling of being clean. I can also see this being something that I'd toss in my beach bag for a quick freshen up on days out in the sun when I don't want to wear something heavy, but sometimes feel like I want a little something to make sure I smell good. Lemons and sunshine are kind of a no brainer, right?

I started off this post talking about scent and it seems fitting to end it the same way. This scent isn't really what I was expecting, but in a really good way. I feel like the floral from the peony in this blend is actually the most obvious note, with the brightness of the lemon and the slight bitter earthiness of the basil giving it some more dimension. I actually think it's really lovely, feminine but fresh, and a really good choice for summer body care.

Overall, I think these products are really solid, particularly for summer, and they're definitely going to get use from me in my beach bag this year! Also, you'll often find really great sale prices and deals on these types of products in the Avon catalogues - and they're all 50% off in the current campaign!

You can pick up Avon products from your local representative. Check out or for more information on the products and to find a rep in your area!

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