REVIEW: Avon True Color Ideal Nude Foundation & Concealer

by - May 23, 2017

I have a confession to make. When it comes to foundation, I'm a bit of a fiend. Whenever a new foundation comes out, I want to get it on my face. I suspect this is because I've yet to find the absolute perfect foundation for me, even though I do have some serious favorites. When it comes to foundation, there are actually different types of formulas that I like for different days. Sometimes I want a really high coverage, matte finish and other times I want a more medium coverage with a natural finish. Gonna make it hard to find the perfect foundation, isn't it? Anyway, recently, I've been trying out the new Avon True Color Ideal Nude Liquid Foundation & Cream Concealer* and I'm excited to tell you guys about them!

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Avon True Color Ideal Nude Liquid Foundation*
30ml | $15CAD | 21 Shades Light to medium buildable coverage. SPF 20. Combines mattifying powder with feather light water-based pigments. Apply once for a light finish and again for medium coverage. The tube is perfect for touch-ups while travelling.

I have to admit that it was only while preparing for this review that I actually checked out the shade selection on this product - and I am seriously impressed. With 21 shades, including several in the chronically under-served deep and rich tones and one even lighter than the one that matches my fair skin, I feel like this product will serve a very, very wide range of skin tones. Two thumbs up, Avon!

Another thing that I'm really impressed with that has nothing to do with the product itself is the packaging. I love a squeeze tube packaging for foundation because it gives great control of how much product you dispense and makes it really easy to actually use all of the product in the tube, but on top of that I really like the look of this packaging. I think the design and branding on the tube gives a higher end overall look, which I absolutely love.

I would definitely agree with the claims of this being a light to medium coverage foundation, though I did struggle somewhat with it feeling heavy and breaking up a little bit when I tried to build it so I think it worked best with one layer. I found that it worked best when applied and blended out with a sponge, because the formula works best when it's pressed into the skin rather than buffed over it. While it does claim mattifying powder in the formula, I found this to have a more natural, skin-like finish than a matte one, which I actually really enjoyed personally. That said, I don't think this is a particularly long lasting foundation, so I would be sure to use a primer and to set lightly with powder.

I would recommend this foundation for someone looking for light to medium coverage with a natural finish for day to day use. I think it will work really, really well for people with normal to dry to skin, because I definitely found it comfortable and hydrating. For people with oily skin, I would definitely recommend using a primer to combat oiliness and prolong the wear. 

Avon True Color Ideal Nude Cream Concealer*
3ml | $12CAD | 13 ShadesCovers imperfections and blends seamlessly. Feels lightweight yet provides full coverage. Soft, creamy finish.

Before we talk about anything else, I really want to drive home how much I'm loving the packaging of these Ideal Nude products. There's just something high end about the look and feel of this packaging. This concealer comes with a standard doe foot applicator, which is my personal preference for liquid concealers. 

When I first swatched this, I was BLOWN AWAY by the coverage. Seriously, you guys, this concealer is absolutely packed with pigment and a little bit goes a very, very long way. The first time I applied it, I actually went a little bit overboard with the amount of product that I applied and I had a hard time blending, so be warned. 

I started out using this product under my eyes and, while the coverage is absolutely out of this world, I definitely had a problem with creasing. I tried it with several different setting powders and nothing I did could keep this looking smooth under my eyes, so ultimately I had to stop using it to conceal my dark circles. However, I started using it as a blemish concealer and I have to say I really love it for that. The formula and coverage of this concealer is perfect for blemishes or discoloration, because it blends really easily with your foundation while maintaining the coverage, so that's how I would personally recommend using this concealer.

Overall, when it comes to the new Avon True Color Ideal Nude products, I'd say that I'm generally impressed but not blown away. I think both products will definitely have their audience and I can see a lot of people really loving them, but I think they might be a little bit polarizing based on preference. 

If you're interested in trying these products out, contact your local Avon representative. To find a rep, head over to or to search for one! Both of these products are currently on Intro Special at a great price!

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