REVIEW: Avon Be Fragrances

by - July 31, 2017

Hey guys! Recently I got the chance to try out some new fragrances from Avon. For me, summertime is definitely a time when I like a lighter, brighter fragrance that isn't too overwhelming and I think all three of these fit that bill perfectly. 

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Each fragrance is intended to evoke an attitude or mood, Daring, Fun, and Romantic, and all three have a lightness that I think screams summer.

All of the bottles are the same, with simple square glass packaging with simple designs that I think call to a playful interpretation of the mood that they're going for. The packaging really makes me think of the kinds of fragrances that I gravitated to when I was a little bit younger, and I definitely think that these scents have a youthful vibe as well. 

Avon Be Romantic Eau De Toilette*
Express your love with this dreamy fusion of luscious black currants, feminine rose and creamy sensual musk.

I really do think that the description of this as being dreamy is really accurate. While a lot of "romantic" scents have a very overtly sexy smell, this one for me is brighter and more youthful in general. Initially I find this more fruity than floral, but as it settles into the skin it softens and I definitely get more of the floral. This isn't an overly strong fragrance and I think it's really great for light daytime wear.

Avon Be Fun Eau De Toilette*
Lighten up with a playful blend of sparkling pear and pink freesia, lit with glowing amber.

This actually reminds me very, very much of a fragrance I wore a lot when I was in my teens, though I don't think it feels overly young - if that makes sense. This one definitely leans more floral initially and then shifts to more of the fruitiness, but maintains a light freshness overall. Again, this is a more mellow fragrance that never feels overwhelming and would work well for daytime wear.

Avon Be Daring Eau De Toilette*
Release your inner dynamo with this bold blend of spirited bergamot and blooming magnolia, warmed with sensual skin musk.

Of the three fragrances, I'd say this one is my personal favorite. There's something very clean about this scent, even a little bit androgynous while still being feminine, and I'd say it's sexy but in a very subtle way. There's nothing smoky or rich about this to me, which is what I usually associate with sexy scents, but instead this one feels confident. Again, it's generally quite light on the skin and can be worn anytime. 

Overall, I really think that all three of these scents are really perfect for a younger customer in their teens or twenties and the youthful design of the packaging and branding definitely falls in line with that. There's nothing overwhelming or overly mature about these scents, which I think makes them perfect for that demographic.

The Avon Be... Fragrances* are available now from your local Avon representative at an introductory price of $14.99CAD each. Check out & for more info!

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